Surprise December BigGameHunt Grand Slam Challenge Round

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As most of you may be aware by now, we have been conducting a contest called the BigGameHunt Grand Slam Challenge contest each month since July. BGH members compete based on the quantity and quality of their contributions to the BigGameHunt website.

Originally we intended to only hold five rounds, one for each of the months from July through November. However we are pleased to announce that we will be having a surprise 6th round starting off December 1st and running though the final day of 2010. The reason we decided to have an additional round is because Vanguard generously offered a variety of binoculars, tripods, and shooting sticks to sponsor December. We decided to throw in a Remington 700 XCR in 300 Remington Ultra Mag and a few Wyoming knives to bring the total number of prizes up to 10.

Having monitored and judged many contributions since July, here are some tips and trends that have come out of the previous contests.

1.) Start early. If you want to place in the top three, its important to start contributing from day one. There does not appear to be any example in the last five months where someone has started mid-month and been able to place high.

2.) Make well rounded contributions. Through tuning of the algorithms and point system the contest emphasizes the importance of contributing a variety of comments, forum topics, tips, photos and stories, and photo galleries. All top winners have placed with a variety of contributions.

3.) Prepare early. If you plan to submit tips or stories in December it helps to prepare them in advance, because stories require photos and tips score better with photos. Getting photos located, scanned, and ready to go helps so you're prepared when the contest starts. We have had to turn down good stories because they lacked original photos. Tips will always score better with original photos or graphics that support the tip.

4.) New Changes to the Comment Scoring system. For this last round we have made significant changes to the comment scoring system. It takes into account previous variables we haven't used, for judging the quality and quantity of comments on BGH.


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Well, this month is an

Well, this month is an incredibly tough month.

Lots of new faces and some great writing... I have not been on the forum that long, at least not real actively but this is the best month I have seen for great stories and tips being submitted.

The word is out about Big Game Hunt and that is a great thing but it is tough when you are trying to compete against some superb writers, that is for sure.

The new rules have really raised the bar on what we are working on - and have forced us to concentrate our efforts on viable, content based pieces of writing.

Maybe some folks have figured the scoring out by now, but I have not... in fact, I failed to read all of the rules that are clearly posted and some of them "snuck up on me" -- which means the last half of the month looks like a free for all from my perspective.

Gone are the days of endless and monotonous posting - with some conservations thrown in and we are now having to dance to a different drummer!

Kudos to the person that created these ingenious limits - we should either track him or her down and congratulate them - or break their legs, I am not sure which (just kidding!).

Many sincere thanks to the folks at BGH.

I have learned a lot.

I have earned some great prizes.

I have stretched my limited literary skills.

This has been a good thing all the way around and I have loved it.

I am anxiously looking forward to 2011 and the contests that may come along as the year unfolds.

Best of luck to everyone!


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Oh, there's a contest going

Oh, there's a contest going on?  I had no idea, haha.  I signed up for the site before knowing about the grand slam challenge, but it is a great idea.  It has drawn me away from my other hunting forum.  Great marketing idea and I hope the site continues to draw new members.  It is great to have a place where hunters can get knowledgeable advice from others around the country.  

CVC's picture

The Vanguard shooting tripod

The Vanguard shooting tripod looks like a nice prize.  I bet it provides a rock solid rest for shooting and lightweight enough to pack along with you.  My shooting sticks are nice, but a tripod would provide a lot more stability.

CVC's picture

I am intrigued by the

I am intrigued by the algorithms.  Is it a canned product that you purchased for the website or did someone on staff develop it?  I've not figured out the pattern for scoring points for posting.  I think I've noticed some things, but nothing that helps me score higher posts. 

You all really went first class for this contest, not only in terms of prizes, but in the quality of the contest and adapting to the users and keeping it fair.

bghjournal's picture


As a whole the code is a combo of off the shelf "parts" and other portions that have been written custom in house.

CVC's picture

Well you have done a superb

Well you have done a superb job with it.  I think i and perhaps others focus on the prizes in the contest and forget about the behind the scenes work that it takes to make this contest run smoothly. 

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That is awesome! This bonus

That is awesome! This bonus competition could not be taking place at a more perfect time. I resigned from my position today so that I will be eligable for employment over the summer. I will also be off from school on winter break for nearly the whole month. So with no school and no job, and with no more big game hunting opportunities... I am going to be able to devote more time than I ever have to this thing. Who knows... I might be even able to devote as much time to it as CVC! Yeah right... I think that is impossible. I do not think you sleep sir ha. Your eyes are going to fall out from staring at a computer screen for so long but for that rifle, it is worth it.

It should be an awesome round.Thanks to vanguard for putting forth the prizes so that we can do this thing again! You can bet that I am going to be looking into them for any future optics purchases. I don't see swarofski or zeiss putting up any prizes. I am all for any company that partners with And thanks to the BGH crew for putting up with us for another month.


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I don't think I will be on

I don't think I will be on here posting as much next month as i have this month.  I actually do multiple things while posting, but a lap top gives me some flexibility.  So, you are not likely to see me in the running next month.  I may not even compete and go back to being a mod if they will have me back

I am sure next month's contest will be exciting with lots of people vying for the rifle or the nice glass.  Darn, I am starting to talk myself into competing...

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Wow that is a great list of

Wow that is a great list of prizes.  thanks to BGH and Vanguard!!

CVC's picture

Talk about surprises.  I

Talk about surprises.  I didn't expect this when I entered the blog section.  You have really set the bar high with all the prizes you are giving away.  I wont tell my wife that there is another competition - she will divorce me for sure.  I wonder if this announcement will affect anyone's strategy for finishing this month's competition.

Thank you for offering these contests and for stoking them with really great prizes.

Ca_Vermonster's picture

In other words, will we all

In other words, will we all realize that we can't beat you, and hold off till next month?? lol

Should be an interesting round again.  I will actually have to kill something the next few weeks so I can have another story or 2 to submit.

CVC's picture

I wasn't thinking in terms of

I wasn't thinking in terms of not beating me as the contest is not over until it is over, but yes, do you post stories and tips now or do you wait until next month and start posting right from the beginning.  Jim for example got a late start this month and was gone a lot. 

take you as another example.  You are hovering around 4th if I recall.  Do you make a late push and hope for 3rd or 2nd or do you just back off and shoot for first next month?  The rifle is a nice prize.