Suit Seeks to Block Fenced Hunts in Indiana

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The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is planning on allowing live coyotes and foxes to be used to train dogs in fenced-in enclosures. This doesn't sit well with three different animal right groups: Animal Legal Defense Fund, Project Coyote and the Animal Welfare Institute. They have filed a suit against the Indiana state department, stating that this practice is cruel. However the Department of Natural Resources state there is no evidence dogs are purposely killing the coyotes or foxes in the enclosures according to The Chicago Tribune. The DNR is open to accepting public comment on the situation at until May 18th.



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Well I have to say I am a fan

Well I have to say I am a fan at all of hunting within a high fence.  So my opinion with this would be shit them all down and make it more of a challenge which is why most all got started in hunting in the first place.  I just do not see the sastifaction of killing an animal that can't really get away.  I find these to be the same high dollar hunts where some one will track an animal for months only to have a guy come along with deep pockets and pull the trigger.

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Ha ha! Yeah I got a chuckle

Ha ha! Yeah I got a chuckle out of your comment too. Got a bad visual when I read "...shit them all down..." - how do you do that??? smile

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:lol:  Goose, you better

:lol:  Goose, you better watch what you are typing. Wink

First, you say "I am a fan" of that hunting, then you say they need to "Sh!t them down"...... I'm guessing it's a typo.

I am no fan of fence hunting either.  However, this does not seem to fall along those lines.  More of just being used as training, in which the dogs will be used in regular hunts.

Of course, the animal rights wackos will continue to attack and area they see as vulnerable.

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This article does not say how

This article does not say how large of a fenced in area they are talking about here or where the coyotes and foxes are coming from. If they were trapped and released here in Colorado and chased around that could be considered harassing wildlife which is a crime. I know this is a different state so the laws could be a lot different. Still seems like too much to me though or just a lazy way to train your dogs. I remember very little but I know my dad had dogs for coyotes and foxes when I was a kid and trained the dogs out in the forests wherever they could find them. it sometimes took all day to find the dogs again but that was part of the training and I know he loved the whole experience.

I guess I'm saying I'm against the whole fence thing as it just seems like the easy way out. We usually enjoy the challenge not just the contest.