Stuffed Gator Taken for Mudbogging Party

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Three Linden Michigan residents are facing some trouble after borrowing a 14' stuffed alligator from a Hartland Township man's barn. The victim and owner of the stuffed alligator, followed tire tracks from his barn, that led to a mudbogging party. The victim took pictures of the tire tracks and of his stuffed gator that was tied to the top of a borrowed truck at the mudbogging party. He asked the men where they had gotten the gator, and they bragged they had got it themselves while in Florida. There will be a hearing on July 20th to determine if there is enough evidence for a trial.

The victim sent the pictures and and filed a theft report with a Livingston County Sheriff's Deputy. The deputy talked to the suspects, and asked one of them where he had gotten the gator. The suspect said one of his friends Douglas Ward had gotten it, when the deputy asked the suspect his name he said Douglas Ward. Police suspect alcohol was a factor in the theft. Linden residents Douglas Earl Ward, 55, and Roy Allen Griffith, 60, along with John Earl Sanborn, 53, of Harrison all face charges of breaking and entering. From Livingston Daily.


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Wow some pretty bright fguys

Wow some pretty bright fguys we have least they could have walked up andI am sure the thre of the could have carried it.  leaving tire track behinds....come on even a entry level CSI could track you down.  Glad to see it all worked out for the owner of the aligator and I too agree that he is lucky that is was not dameaged.

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Well first of all even though

Well first of all even though the it's hard to tell in the picture it looks like he got lucky and his alligator mount was not damaged in the incident being reported here. It must have been a very local incident since it was taken from his barn and he was able to follow the tire tracks all the way to the vehicle it was riding in. The funny thing is when I read mud bogging party I expected the criminals to be a bunch of teen agers trying to play a joke or show off to friends. I did not expect to find a few guys all over 50 years old drinking and throwing mud. It almost seems like they knew each other and where to get the gator when they wanted it.

Fortunately no real damage was done and hopefully the punishment will put an end to the folish behavior. Especially if they were out drinking and driving as there is no excuse for that at any age.