Studying Deer Pays Off for Bowhunter

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Alan Click has been hunting for the past 42 years. He has photo albums full of bucks and deer that he has taken over the years. He has trail cams all over Churchville County Virginia, he likes to study the deer and know what their routines and habits are. He makes his own scents to cover his smell. He says people may think he is crazy but he can smell a buck in the winter. With this deep passion for hunting, Click was rewarded with his recent trophy buck hunt. This was the biggest buck he has taken with a bow and arrow.

The deer won top prize last month at the annual Izaak Walton League Virginia state game show for biggest buck in archery class during the 2010 hunting season. The Churchville deer's antlers scored 207 13/16, beating the second best in competition by more than 15 points. The large buck weighed 200 lbs, a deer larger than most people have ever seen.

Click saw the large buck on his trail cam one evening, a couple days later he went to put up a tree stand in the area. The wind was blowing though so he decided to come back later, he didn't want the buck to know he was being hunted. The next afternoon he set up his tree stand and laid around for a couple of hours, waiting. An hour before dark, the buck made an appearance, but at a position that Click was unable to take advantage of.

"Normally your best chance of killing them is the first time you're there," Click said. "Once you been there, he's gonna know you been there, it don't matter how careful you are. And then, once he knows you're huntin' him, you're probably not gonna get to kill him, 'cause he's smarter than you are."

Click stayed and waited patiently, it was getting close to sunset. The buck made another appearance. He ranged the buck at 41 yards. Click let the arrow fly. Then he left, giving the buck time to bleed out. Click returned home for a couple of hours until he couldn't stand the suspense. He went back and found the arrow.

On his hands and knees he followed the trail of blood with his flashlight. It was bubbly blood which is a good sign that it hit the lungs and chest. He followed the trail for 75 yards, and then looked up and saw the horns. He thanked God.

It took Click another hour to get the buck back to his truck. That was a long night, but one that will always be a wonderful memory for Click. From


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What a fantastic trophy bow kill.  Hands and Knees tracking with flashlight.  I read and here allot about hunters doing this type of SCI examination.  Whatever it takes.  You know something tells me that that 1st opportunity is probably the only opportunity you get.  Once you blow it there are no second chances.  I don't have any stories of second chance.  When I've been fortunate enough to see a buck I want to take I have or I haven't but never seen the same one again that's for sure.  Man that is a nice rack.  Takes allot of bone to score 207

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Wow, that is an absolute

Wow, that is an absolute beast of a whitetail!!!!!  I have some friends who have hunted Virginia, and it always produces some great deer, both in body and antlers, but I have never seen one quite like that!  A big congrats to that hunter!

I do find it interesting though, talking about how those big deer will know you're there, so you'll need to shoot them the first time.  They don't get that big by keeping their habits predicatable.  I remember years ago, my Dad and I had been looking for this huge buck in our area in Vermont.  We'd seen his tracks for a few years, and there had been phantom sightings of him.  Well, finally, one muzzleloading season, my Dad said he had the biggest deer he'd ever seen in his life, step into the orchard. 

My Dad grunted to stop him, but he stopped one step short of clearing all the brush.  My dad said that deer knew something was off, and turned and trotted off.  That buck was never seen again, and that may have been the one and only time that someone had a chance to kill him.

Very cool!  Awesome buck!

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A great buck for sure and a

A great buck for sure and a big congratulations on taking him. Like it was said many other guys go through the same process in planning thier hunts but in this case it really paid off. Do your homework and put the time in to learn everything you can and it could happen to anyone. Hopefully one of us will be the next one in the news with a great buck like this one.

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That is one heck of a deer.

That is one heck of a deer. While I was reading this story I was think this guy is the Deer whisperer. LOL. I think this guy needs to find a hobby or something. I think the same as Retired to hunt. This story was being over dramatized a tad bit. I know a lot of people myself included that do their homework, hang trail cams, study the deers patterns. I don't really see how Mr. Click is any different other than he got lucky the day he harvested this deer. I also don't agree with him saying you wont kill a deer if you don't get it the first try. I have seen first hand that is just no true at all. With all that being said this really is a true beast and a buck that anyone would be happy to harvest. Also the hunters who put in the time and effort in the off season usualy get rewarded with very nice animals. Congrats Mr. Click on the very nice trophy. For the one writing the story, You don't have to dramatize so much to write a good article.

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  Okay... step away from the


Okay... step away from the bow.

I have shot several deer at the 40 yard mark - even nice bucks... and during the evening hours.  I don't go home and stew over it.  I wait then get out of my stand and wether in the rain or just dark of night I go look for my harvest.  I don't go home.

The "Deliverance" song comes to mind here.  Sorry but I think this story is either being over dramatized or something else.

I definitely send congrats to a fellow hunter who harvest a very handsome 12 pointer.  I also send the same accolades to the hunter that scouts hard and works effectively to harvest a huge brut.

The link to the entire article provides nothing different from my opinion.

Bottom line - great harvest!  Bottom line - great stalk behind the harvest. Bottom Line - go find your harvest afterwards if the correct timing allows.