Stricter Gun Control Support at Historic Low

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Gallup has their annual gun control poll up here. This year's poll continues the trend of previous polls showing less support for more gun control and growing support for no change or less gun control. 44% of Americans want more gun control, 42% want to keep it as it is, and 12% want less gun control.

Americans are also less likely to say there should be a law banning the possession of handguns except by the police and other authorized persons. The current 29% who favor such a law is within one percentage point of the low of 28% recorded last year.


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Gallup is a fairly well

Gallup is a fairly well respected agency, so this is likely worth some note.

I agree with Hawkeye, finally, a poll worth reading.

I think these numbers are pretty much another example of a society that is being tired of being told what to do and what not to do.

I think the age old (and very tired) notion that guns cause crimes has really started to show its threadbare side.

Despite the antics of the anti-gun folks, it looks like common sense is finally starting to prevail.

While few people (except the most rabid NRA fire breathing zealots - which I a clearly am not one of) are going to argue that the masses need full automatic weapons at their beck and call - I think that understanding that firearms - for protection and leisure - are part of American society and always will be.

I will be surprised if these trends reverse themselves any time soon and I say - thank goodness we finally started to come around!

Many incredible (and indelible) memories have been created - father to son or daughter, sons side by side or friends side by side - with firearms.

The good memories far outweigh the bad - and the people that are going to commit crimes with firearms were going to commit crimes anyway.

Put those bad apples in jail and let them rot - while we enjoy our freedoms.

Great piece, BGH!

Finally a Poll worth reading

Its good news for a change on the war against the Bill of Rights.  If you use the gun control lobbiest point of view then we actually should ban motor vehicles because I think auto accidents cause more injuries and deaths than any thing else period.  I am ok with riding a bike or walking everywhere.  I would love to take some of these lobbiest to countries I have visited.  And show them what its like to live in a soceity that stritcly controls every move you make and every step you take because they know so much more than the people as a whole. I hope this is a trend in America that is going to take us back to being a super power and not hugs and kisses flower power like we are heading to now.  Go America

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That is pretty much the

That is pretty much the process yes, although the term theory is used very different in science than it is in normal dialogue. The term that works better for what you are getting at is hypothesis. That is what we test in experiments. If an idea has got enough evidence for it that it is actually considered a scientific "theory", than it is pretty much universally accepted in the scientific community. The only thing with stronger support than a theory, is a law. Like the law of gravity. The term "theory" is used much more loosely in common usage. That is the thing about the scientific method. Nothing is ever really proven true; rather it can just stand up to attempts at falsifying it. It keeps us looking at everything from different angles and protects us from complacency.

As far as the missing logic in the liberal answer to crime... I am right there with you. It does not seem that hard to take a look at the facts and see that gun control is not a reliable option of fighting crime. The opposite is most often the case. Take away guns from law abiding citizens and the only people that have guns are the criminals that don't obey the law in the first place. Imagine that. That is the most frustrating thing about the gun control debate... why don't they get it?!

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Ah, hypothesis....yes that is

Ah, hypothesis....yes that is the actual term I was grasping before, but it eluded me.  I should have remembered it from my daughter's science projects. 

Your last line is one that troubles me too....why don't they get it?  How is it so clear to you and me, but they either are not wired to get it or refuse to get it?

It is not hard to understand that criminals by their definition do not follow laws.  Think about this, every law that has been written has been broken or will be broken.  How is this are hard to understand?

Maybe we are just smarter than the average bear?

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Hawkeye, based on your

Hawkeye, based on your previous comments I think as part of your studies and work, you do research.  I am not a scientist, so correct me if I am wrong,  but I believe often you are faced with a theory and have to make some assumptions in conducting the experiement or study.  You are not sure if you assumptions are correct and have to wait until the conclusion of the experiment to know the results. 

If you do not achieve the results you thought you would, you change your assumptions and methods and try something else to achieve your desired results.  You don't repeat the experiment using the same assumptions and methods and hope for a different outcome, do you?

No, you don't, but the liberals who want more gun control do exactly that.  We don't have to work in the world of theory and assumptions when we are dealing with violent crime and gun laws.  Liberals would have you believe the cause of violent crime is gun ownership and lack of gun control laws.  Any layman, like myself can see the fallacy of this theory.

Cties like Chicago, New York and Washington DC have the strictest gun laws in the country and yet they lead in homicides each year.  So, based on this observation, it is obvious that a plethora of gun control laws does not reduce crime.  To further support this, one just has to look at states and cities that have less strict gun laws and compare the violent crime rates to see that an increase in gun laws does not correlate to a decrease in crime and the opposite may be true.

What causes violent crime.  In my view, poverty, lack of education and break down of the family structure.  Want to reduce crime then focus on these issues and not gun control.  We could ban all firearms in this country and that would only stop law abiding citizens from having guns to protect themselves.  We cannot keep drugs or humans from being smuggled into this country so if we banned guns how does one believe we'd be able to keep them out of the hands of criminals?  We couldn't.

Being liberal does not mean you are stupid. On the contrary, some liberals are some of the smartest people in the nation so you have to ask why, based on this evidence do they continue to pursue their anti-gun agenda?  I think it is part of the larger agenda to make people, like those in the country of Georgia (see wolf story) more dependent on the government.


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BEAUTIFUL! That is great

BEAUTIFUL! That is great news. Maybe the general public is finally coming around. I can not believe the rationale that the anti gun crowd tries to use in order to eliminate our freedoms. They can give absolutely no solid statistics to show that gun control ever actually has a positive effect on crime. In most cases, the opposite is true. Many of the countries that have taken part in this form of regulation have actually seen their violent crime rates increase after putting laws that restrict gun ownership into affect. The fact that anti gunners think that if you make owning a gun illegal, that criminals are going to turn in their guns and we can just level the playing field. Where is the logic in that? Do they actually think that that would happen. "Gun free zones" are just "criminal safe zones". Last year my college, Colorado State University, tried to eliminate our policy of allowing concealed carry on campus. That did not fly. We organized and let them know that in this day of age of increased prevelence of campus shootings, that we were not going to let them disarm us. We fought it and we won. Good guys 1; bad guys and idiot liberals 0.