Storing Cougar in Freezer Not Illegal

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A concerned citizen called the Palm Beach County Sheriff's office to report that a Loxahatchee man was storing a cougar in his freezer. The man had permits to possess cougars and other wildlife on his property. Florida Fish and Wildlife Officials inspect facilities that have permits twice a year. When officers came to inspect they did not find any signs of cruelty or neglect.

When an animal dies at one of the facilities it is not necessary for the owner to let anyone know, and can do with the body what they deem appropriate. This Loxahatchee man deemed keeping the cougar in his freezer appropriate. From The Palm Beach Post.


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Yeah Hal, I agree.  What's

Yeah Hal, I agree.  What's the deal with the "concerned citizen"?  So many times today, it's easy to remain annonymous, and people like to just call in false complaints against people that they have some kind of beef with.  Alot of time there will be no corraborating evidence, but simply a "ip".

Looks like this guy was doing absolutely nothing wrong by keeping a cougar in his freezer.  And since they did not find any sign of abuse or neglect, then this appears to be a dead issue.

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Considering the guy had a

Considering the guy had a permit to have these types of animals on his property anyway I really don't see why the concerned person found it strange. I would have probably had it skinned out myself but certainly would not have just gotten rid of it. In thinking back I have had as many as three whole animals in my freezer in the past. One duck and one badger and also a muskrat that I was planning to bring to the taxidermist. They all made it eventually but all but the badger are long gone now. It seems there is always somebody ready to report people for things before they even know if it's an issue. Which in this case was not at all. In some cases things do need to be reported but a person should know all the facts before they just go and cause problems for somebody else.

"Concerned Citizen" - Latest Threat to Personal Space

Just what was the concerned citizen doing in the freezer in the first place?  Tresspassing?  Breaking & entering?  Hope he /she doesn't look in my freezers - might find an antelope, elk, mule deer, chukar, ducks, etc. (which reminds me that I need to thaw out that chukar, skin it & try my amateur hand at taxidermy one more time).

Would be curious what kinds of things the citizen has hidden in his (figurative) freezer.

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  Okay - just a little wierd


Okay - just a little wierd but obviously the guy wants the cougar/panther made into a rug sometime in the future and in the mean time is keeping it in his freezer... right next to the mangoes and two dead birds?!?!  Okay - nobody asked in the article but I will - What the heck are you keeping the two dead birds for - more taxidermy work?!?!  Okay - so a lot weird going on at this guys trailer!!!

So nothing out of the ordinary happening here people - just keep moving on!