Stay Away From Mountain Goats

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Last fall a man was fatally gored by a mountain goat while hiking in Olympic National Park. This has prompted a $10 million wrongful death lawsuit against the park for not properly warning hikers of the aggressive goat. The lawsuit was filed in May, giving the park until November 1st to respond, from The Wall Street Journal.

Mountain goats, especially in popular hiking areas have associated people to salty snacks. They see hikers as one big salt lick. The males are usually more aggressive than the females and kids. There have been recent reports of aggressive mountain goats in the Wenatchee National Forest.

Park Officials are considering putting in salt licks, further away from popular recreational areas in the park and forest. From


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  I can understand the grief


I can understand the grief of a widow and they guys son here.  I hope he is blessed and is with God.  As for the wife and son I hope they find peace without this lawsuit.  The lawsuit may be due to the hurt they feel.  I cannot find any follow up on this article but certainly hope peace has entered their lives. 

Parks contain wildlife and as such they have to be respected for what they can do and how they live.  Now granted I wouldn't think that a goat would attack but rather run from a human encounter.  I never knew about the salt from human sweat as being an attractant.  However, I have had domesticated billy goats try to butt me.  However, these were not 300 pound animals.  Hopefully this is seen as what it is - a freak accident.


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When one thinks about animal

When one thinks about animal attacks this is definately what comes to mind. Usually in a normal situation getting close to a goat can take hours of hard work if your able to make it happen at all. To hear about someone getting attacked adn injured or actually killed by one is unbelievable. It shows what happens when we change they way things are supposed to be. People forget they are wild animals and the animals learn to have no fear themselves. Hopefully the plans they are going to implement will take care of any future incidents like this one from taking place.

This is another lesson that whether there is a warning sign or not you must always be aware of what's going on and show due respect for the wildlife in question. Never get too close no matter what. In my opinion a sign should not be needed and the money desireed for not having one is rediculous.