Sportsmen's Alliance Wants Norton Hunter to Lose Hunting Privileges

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In a previous post, we reported on the accidental shooting of Cheryl Blair in Norton Massachusetts by John Bergeron, a state trooper, who during his free time likes to hunt. It was during this free time that he made a mistake, he accidentally shot his neighbor after mistaking her dog's tail for a deer tail.

Cheryl Blair has undergone multiple surgeries as a result of the shooting. Infection has spread from being struck in the pelvis with a bullet, that has required several surgeries. Blair is in good spirits, but not very happy about being in the hospital undergoing so many surgeries.

Police continue the investigation, but charges against Bergeron have never been pursued. Bergeron called 911 right away, and helped Blair as much as he could while they waited for emergency responders. Since he was not working, the state troopers have not filed any charges against Bergeron either.

Now the Sportsmen's Alliance, a group that formed in September 2010 and has grown to 1,000 members is pushing the state to take away Bergeron's hunting privileges. They claim his actions have given the hunting community a black eye. In their letter they state that Bergeron's accident falls under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 131, Section 60. The law says that no person should use a firearm, bow or any other weapon “in a careless or negligent manner” as to cause bodily injury or death to another while engaged in hunting or target shooting. The law says any person found guilty of or convicted of this shall surrender his or her hunting license and lose it for five years, and face fines of up to $500 and/or six months imprisonment. The president of the alliance, David Schutz went on to say that he doesn't believe Bergeron should have to pay or face prison time, but that there should be some repercussions from his actions. Schutz also would like Bergeron to be trained with high capacity handguns again and certified by the state before being able to carry them. From Taunton Daily Gazette.