Speed Up Your BGH: Go Chrome

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Back in July we launched a new version of BigGameHunt and with that came some site speed complaints. We spent a considerable amount of time improving the performance on the server side and have made significant gains over July. We also will continue to evaluate and implement new techniques that will make BGH faster to load.

One of the questions that has come up is why the new site is slower than the old site. One of the biggest reasons is that our new site makes more use of Javascript (a web language that runs on your computer in the browser). Javascript is used on the client side (your computer) and thus, beyond a few minor adjustments on the server side, there is not a lot we can do to speed it up on your computer. To speed up Javascript, the interpreter in your browser needs to be faster. One way to do this is to buy a faster computer, which is not exactly cost efficient. The second way to speed up the interpreter is to run a more efficient Javascript engine in your browser. Enter Google Chrome.

Google released a free browser a few years ago and the V8 (yes its really named after the classic internal combustion engine design) Javascript engine is well known to be considerably faster than current Internet Explorer versions as well as the latest Firefox. In our testing there is a considerable speed boost when browsing BGH in Google Chrome. While there are some minor cosmetic issues in Chrome, the speed boost is well worth a try.

If you would like to try Chrome on your computer when browsing BGH or the web at large, it is available for free download here:


Note that all is not lost for Firefox, there are some beta versions of the 4.0 version of Firefox that use Mozilla's new JaegerMonkey (yes that's Hunter Monkey) engine that show promising Javascript benchmarks. Firefox 4.0 will be out next year.


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Okay, you got my interest. 

Okay, you got my interest.  I've known about Chrome for some time but just never made the switch.  Google is the best search engine, but I just didn't bother to switch from IE to Chrome.  BGH runs fast on my laptop, but I have a slow slow pc that I will try it on.  If it can help on that computer it can help on any computer.

So, I have the perfect test environment and will report back on the outcome.

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No arguments here Cowgal.

No arguments here Cowgal. Google Chrome is where it is at. Way faster and smoother in my own opinion.

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Chrome is fast!

I can attest to the fact that Chrome is indeed much faster than IE or Firefox! I have an older PC and some sites like BGH that use newer code do load up slower, but with Chrome I see a significant improvement. 

The browser itself is rather plain-jane, and does not have the bells & whistles that IE or Firefox have, but for cruising the web it's just fine for me. Chrome does have the option of importing your settings from another browser, including your bookmarks.