South Dakota Reduces 2011 Elk Licenses

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According to the Mitchell Republic, South Dakota is again significantly reducing the number of elk tags available to hunters. The reduction in elk tags continues a four year decline in the availability of tags across the state.

“We had a very high harvest rate of cows (female elk),” Tom Kirschenmann, the top manager for big game in the state Wildlife Division, told the commission. He said the larger harvests have helped to bring down the sizes of elk herds and, in turn, reduce the depredation suffered by landowners in some areas. A three-year study is near the finish of its first year for Black Hills big game.


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Just gotta go with the flow,

Just gotta go with the flow, I'm sure in a few years the number of tags will go back up. with lower tag numbers means more elk which also means more damage and soon after more tags.