South Dakota Hunting Seasons Finalized

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South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Commission has finished up their East River deer and antelope hunting proposals for the 2011 season.

6,000 antelope licenses will be available, application deadline is August 12th for resident and non-resident. The antelope season will run from October 1-16th. Custer State Park will have a season for antelope, Oct 11-19th, this is a resident only lottery, with three any antelope tags for the lucky winners.

Residents can start the deer application process in late July, with a deadline of September 2. There will be around 28,000 licenses available. Non-residents will be able to apply for leftovers starting in October. The East River deer season will run from November 19- Dec 4, and then reopen Dec 31- Jan 8th for anterless deer.

Water fowl changes are an increase in red headed duck from 2 to 3 a day with the possession being twice the daily limit, Canadian geese are increasing from 3 to 4 daily limit. From Rapid City Journal.


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As I was saying in the North

As I was saying in the North Dakota thread, I have a buddy that hunts the Dakotas each year for pheasants and waterfowl.  He loves it.  Also, from what I have seen on a couple of hunting shows, it seems that South Dakota is very under appreciated for it's whitetail deer herd.

They shoot some real monsters up there.  It looks like they have some decent seasons, that you could de a really nice combo or overlap hunt up there.


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No this is how it is about

No this is how it is about every year in South Dakota.  wait tell the last second and then fugure it out.  Most people going to South Dakota from out of state aren't making it there #1 place to go.  Its has always been the back up plan for my friends. 

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Weird for me to think that

Weird for me to think that they wait this long to finalize the seasons.  But I am assuming that they would have to give some sort of tenative dates earlier in the year. Would be kinda hard to make some plans with some sort of time frame to go by.

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I have been tempted to apply

I have been tempted to apply in South Dakota for awhile now but just have not gathered enough information to try. I love to hunt antelope and consider it the easiest hunt to pull of successfully without a lot of time. The seasons just don't line up for me though this year as I got my early elk unit 10 tag and the season dates are nearly exactley the same. I will look at it again in the future though as I would like to add as many states as possible to my antelope quest.

I was surprised that they only give out that many deer tags as for ssome reason I just guessed it would be alot more. They must usually have some leftovers anyway though as it gives the date they go on sale. I might have to check those out as well or at least look if the state has apoint system that I could get started on.

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Sounds like a good time to

Sounds like a good time to me.  I have had friends in the past go up there and have a blast.  They always kill nice deer and antelope.  I just have not had the time to get up there with them.  Maybe this is the year.