South Dakota Bow Hunter Takes Mountain Lion

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The Rapid City Journal has a lengthy write up on the bowhunting prowess of Sean Fulton a native of Rapid City. Successfully hunting mountain lion is hard, calling one in is even harder, and calling one into bow range and then completing the shot is downright amazing.

In two years of preparation preceding the hunt, Fulton amassed more information on mountain lion habits than he thought possible. During the 2010 season, he spent 30 days tracking, often from before dawn until dark, without taking a lion. Through extensive preparation prior to this season, including tracking for signs or kills and even setting up camera surveillance, Fulton found and learned to concentrate on core areas well known to be inhabited by lions.


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Not like calling in your

Not like calling in your average coyote into shooting range.  Geez, this guy has got some juevos.

Very nice!  And with a bow, no less!!

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Wow!! thats a darn good cat,

Wow!! thats a darn good cat, That is a fine trophy. That is very impressive to take a cat with a bow. like the story says its hard enough to take one period but to be able to call one into bow range and get a shot off is just darn impressive. Congrats to the hunter on a truly fine trophy and a heck of a acomplishmet of taking one with a bow and arrow. I will some day do the same.