South Carolina Wildlife Agency Considering Fee Increase

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Everything, including wildlife agencies are affected by the current downturn in the economy. South Carolina's Department of Natural Resources has gone from an annual budget of $32 million, to a current budget of $14 million. Their plan to raise fees would increase their budget by $5 million. However, they are considering waiting until 2013 to try to pass the proposed increase, as 2012 is an election year.

NR board chairwoman Caroline Rhodes says she doesn't like waiting until 2013 to request the higher fees, but she doesn't want to see the request rejected either. From


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Iwent and read the regs for

Iwent and read the regs for this state as well and I have to say that these guys still ahve it pretty darn good over there. I know it's a shock when the fees you are used to take a jump but you have to expect it sooner or later. Like has been said the prices they are going to pay are still small compared to herein Colorado. It seems like just last year they jumped here and I still haven't adjusted to it.Hopefull it doesn't go up again any time soon. I think the states need to plan ahead and have a gradual fee incrrease instead of waiting over a decade or more and then hitting you all at once. We would still complain but it wouldn't be so bad.

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Digging deep into the

Digging deep into the articles the state of South Carolina has not increased their rates since 1985 for residents and 2003 for non-residents. Here is what they are doing...

An early draft of the fee changes calls for increases in freshwater fishing licenses (from $10 to $15), hunting licenses ($18 to $25), combo licenses ($25 to $35), turkey tags (no fee to $11), saltwater fishing licenses ($10 to $15), temporary fishing licenses ($5 to $6) and state duck stamps ($5.50 to $11).

Compared to Colorado we have a combo hunting/fishing license for $40 so SC is still less... and a bargain. And we pay in Colorado a required $10 annual habitat stamp. SC has no "stamp" requirement. SC is expecting most of the revenue to be made from fishing licenses. Reading the comments provided below the newspaper article most are negative and against the increases. Based on what we pay here SC is still cheaper.

For any state to increase their license fees they are best off providing the paying public specific information on the amount of wasted spending cut out of their budgets and what the increases will specifically fund. According to the article the SC state plans to do that.




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How long has it been since

How long has it been since they have had a increase.  Here in Colorado we had a pretty good increase a few years ago and it caused a big stir to the pot.  I think if the states are starting to think of an increase start it earlier and do it in small increments.  I would be happy if the incresed the tags 50 cents to a dollar every year.  When you up them all 10 to 15 dollars in year that can be hard to kinda budget in when you apply for over 6 tags in your own state and then 3 in others states.  A dollar here and there is alot easier to handle.  I would not be surprised to hear Colorado maybe going to raise the price of their tags within the next few years.