South Carolina Alligator Applications Reach New Highs

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This year the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources has already received over 4000 applications for their month long alligator hunt. The season opens September 10th, and applicants have until Wednesday June 15th to turn in their applications with a $10 fee. A computer program is used to select the winners of the hunt, a total of 1,200. Those selected then will have to pay a $100 for their alligator license. DNR reports that over 400 alligators are usually taken during this season. South Carolina's alligator population is around 100,000. From


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It seems like these alligator

It seems like these alligator hunts are getting more and more popular in the many states that are holding them now. I have read many hunting reports and drawing deadlines for many different states from Texas and Florida and many in between and now to the north as well. A hungred bucks is not that bad considering the unusual nature of the trophy you would be pursuing. It looks like the overall success is less than 40 percent though which surprises me. I would have thought it was much higher than that, maybe they are tougher to find than I though or maybe a lot of the permit holders are still learning how to hunt them as the opportunity has always been pretty limited. I would love to go after them again myself but it will probably be a long time before I do as I have so many other hunts I am planning.

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sc gators

I live in sc and went last year and applied for this year.  The rate is low because to get a 12+ is pretty damn hard, I got a 8ft last year and i thought it was at least 10+ in the water.

1.No bait

2.alligator must be secured prior to shooting.

3.It is hard to get those big ones to the boat without breaking it out.

4. Most don't know what the hell they are doing.