Sometimes Waiting Equals a Better Buck

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Patience pays off for Phil Ryan of Kansas, who was in his tree stand before daybreak on November 6th. He had found a shed from a whitetail buck the previous year, and knew it was a high scorer. That buck came in from the north, but stayed out of Ryan's range. Ryan figured he had all day and would just hope that buck would reappear later.

A bit later, he heard another deer approaching but couldn't quite see it well enough to decide if it was a buck worth harvesting or not. Then he saw the dropdown tine and the mass of the buck. The buck kept coming, and Ryan had his shot when the buck was only 15 yards away.

He pulled back and released his arrow, hitting both lungs and heart. The buck ran 25 yards before collapsing. This 5 1/2 year old beauty dressed out at well over 200 pounds, has double drop tines, 20 scoreable points, and unofficially scored at 188 2/8. From


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  Congratulations Mr. Ryan


Congratulations Mr. Ryan from Kansas as that is one beautiful and great looking buck!  I guess the saying that patience is a virtue does hold true.  To have this buck within 15 yards is also a great accomplishment as this buck didn't get to be 5.5 years old by being dumb. It is pretty neat that the family backs him as several of the comments from the complete article appear to be family members.  Very impressive buck and I am certain he will be enjoyed and the story will be retold many times from under the mount on the wall.


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Wow that is a great buck and

Wow that is a great buck and congrats to the lucky hunter.  The old saying olds true here"you can't kill a big buck if all you ever do is shoot the little ones".  My problem is too I have a hard time holding out for a true monster.

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Nice buck!  This guy is

Nice buck!  This guy is bordering on non-typical with all that junk on his rack.  Those double drop tines are way cool too.  Pretty much the whole rack is outstanding.  

Congrats on a great harvest!

i was just wondering there

i was just wondering there Ryan, if you need a partner for next year?  Just kidding that is a beautiful animal, i don't know if i could of shot that buck i would have been shaking to bad. congrats.

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Man what a fantastic buck

Man what a fantastic buck with those nearly matching drop tines. I've seen a few bucks with kickers but never drops like that. I've never gotten one with the kickers and most of mine don't even have brow tines so something like that one would really make my day. It says he was planning to wait all day on that occasion but I wonder how many days he actually hunted. I took a prety small buck in Texas this year due to time but really plan to wait and pass up the little ones next year for at least a day or two. I have apatience problem though and have a really hard time watching respectable animals walk away so I'll just have to wait and see how my plan works out.

Congratulations to this hunter as that's a buck of dreams right there.