Soldier Gets His Once in a Lifetime Bighorn

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Sgt. 1st Class Lance Albert of Vale and Capt. Roscoe were in Iraq when their tags were drawn for a once in a lifetime bighorn sheep hunt in their home state of Oregon. Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission actually extended the season in the soldier's units so the two men would have a chance to capitalize on their tags. A move that ended up unnecessary, but appreciated.

Capt. Roscoe went out with a hunting group of 7 friends. His only complaint, how quick it went. A couple days setting up camp, three days hunting, a day packing up and going home. Now he is eagerly waiting when a friend or family member draws a bighorn sheep tag, so he can accompany them. "Because it was definitely the most fun that I've ever had on a trip, a hunting experience," Roscoe said.

The ram that Roscoe got was around 4 years old. Roscoe and his group spent 6 hours on the spot-and-stalk hunt, covering over half a dozen miles. Roscoe used a new 270 Winchester short magnum, a present from his wife for the hunt. The first shot was a clean miss. The next shot he brought down the ram from 200 yards. When he checked it in at Burns the ram raw-scored 156 1/2 points. Roscoe hunted at his old stomping grounds of Steens Mountain.

Sgt. 1st Class Lance Albert of Vale and Capt. Roscoe each bagged their rams the weekend of Sept. 17-18 while on separate hunting trips. From


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Great article and a great ram

Great article and a great ram to go with it. I agree with everyone in being impressed by the game department decision to extend the season for these guys. If anyone ever deserved the special treatment it's the men like this that do so much for us all. I would have never even thought about making such a request and probably turned it back in or let it go to waste if I was unable to make it in time for the hunt. Hopefully we will see more things like this being done for other service members to show them how much we appreciate what they do.

Vongratulations again on being able to harvest a great set of rams in such a special hunt.

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This is a great story. A big

This is a great story. A big thank you to the ODFW for making this hunt happen for these great men. Although the hunt was short I'm sure the memory will last a lifetime. Thats a great looking ram and one that I would be proud of for sure. Members of the military do so much for us and this country its great to see we can give back. I too would love to read more on this story. I'll have to see if I can dig up some more information on it. I'm sure there will be some on the ODFW's web site. I also want to extend a big thank you to the soldiers for all of there sacrifice. I'm glad they wee able to make it back for this hunt of a lifetime.

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Just awesome that Oregon

Just awesome that Oregon would do that for a soldier.  People tend to complain in alot of cases about how inflexible and sometimes, flat out rude F&G officers and employees are ( I don't agree).  However, this sounds like they did nothing but help the guy out, and I am glad to see it.

Congrats to the guy on a beautiful once in a lifetime bighorn!  And, more importantly, thanks for his service to our country.  There are plenty of us out here who support you and know what it is you do, and what you sacrafice to do it. 

Great story all the way around!!!

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Great to see my fellow

Great to see my fellow Soldiers do well and hats off to Oregon for helping them out. Too bad no picture of the other ram. A big congratulations to both hunters for drawing the tag and filling the tags.

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Way to go Oregon!

I appreciate their service and it's great to read about a state that appreciates their service too.  We enjoy so many freedoms due to their sacrifices and efforts--hunting is just one small priviledge we get to enjoy by living in this great country.  And how cool is that to change the season length to help out a returning soldier looking to go hunting for a once in a lifetime trophy?  Way to go Oregon to honor and thank your vets.

I'm going to have to Google this story and read a bit more about it, if possible. 

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Hats off to You Two that have Served Us!


My hats off to these two soldiers that have served us and kept our freedom in tact.  Great harvests to both Lance Albert and Capt Roscoe.  Great shot of capt. roscoe's big horn!  I can only hope that their short hunt is a memory that will last forever in their minds. Great pics of their harvest.  It is great that capt. Roscoe has a wife that sticks to his side and provides a gift of a firearm that fullfills his dream.  I can only hope by this small deliverance of a gift that they can enjoy all that life can give them together.  May GOD bless you both and keep you in his Peace!