Smithfield Residents Can Hunt in Their Backyards

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Smithfield's, (North Carolina) town council has voted to allow residents to hunt in their yards this hunting season, in efforts to reduce deer populations in town. The police were paid to hunt deer in city limits previously.

It is for archery only, during deer hunting season, and those participating must follow the hunting rules and abide by a few other rules. If hunting from someone's land, the hunter must have the property owner's permission. They have to be in a tree stand, at 8 ft, and be 150 feet from a dwelling. These are some of the lighter restrictions for in town hunting in North Carolina. One councilman tried to allow hunters to be able to hunt from the ground to make it easier for seniors who might have problems climbing into a tree stand, but that proposal was dismissed as being unsafe. The height is the safest for everyone involved, except climbing or possibly falling from the tree. From The Herald.


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This is a great and I'm sure

This is a great and I'm sure much needed program for this area. I think the elevated requirement could make a huge difference in th eoveralll safety factor by keeping most arrows directly into the ground with far less chance of a deflection causing an injury or ending up on someones elses property. Ten acres is far to much land that very few people have or would have been able to take advantage of the program so it looks good the way it is.

The biggest issue at this point is aif a deer manages to make it onto the property of someone who opposes the program before it dies and then creates a recovery or trespass issue when trying to get it back. Hopefully it all goes well and people will all see the many benefits offered.

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Very cool that they are

Very cool that they are letting them hunt from their own backyards.  Nothing like rolling out of bed 5 minutes prior to shooting light, and strolling across the lawn to your stand... lol

I imagine some residents will not take to kindly to this, but, you can't please everyone.  The North Carolina towns require the land to be at least 10 acres, so that's good.  However, this one just requires you to be 50 yards from another dwelling.  Let's hope there are no injuries, especially to other citizens.  They need to prove that this can be an effective deer control method.