Shooting Cougar Costs Minnesota Man $2,000

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In November, Daniel Hamann's neighbor came over to tell him a cougar was in the area. The cougar was hiding in a culvert, and the men flushed it. Hamann shot the cougar after it was flushed, a 1-3 year old male that weighed 125 lbs, and appeared to be a wild cougar.

However, unfortunately for Hamann there is no season for cougars in Minnesota. His actions were illegal and will costs him $1000 in fines, and $1000 in restitution to the state for the cougar. From The Daily News.


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Hmmmmm....... Well, he

Hmmmmm....... Well, he "flushed" it, which to me seems like he initiated the problem.  Not sure what would have happened if he left it alone, as the article does not contain very much info.  Don't know if it was a populated area, or what.

Guess he should have left it alone in this case and called fish and game.