Shed Deer Antlers Set Minnesota Record

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A pair of whitetail deer antlers found last week by Jay Miller near Excelsior, Minnesota have been confirmed as the largest sheds ever found in Minnesota. The Duluth News Tribune has the complete story.

The right antler scored 91 3/8 and the left scored 89 5/8, according to the panel of official measurers. The net score of the set is 175 0/8, and that, of course, is without an inside-spread measurement.

Tom Miller of the North American Shed Hunters Club in Lyndon Station, Wis., confirmed that the set of sheds is now the top-ranked set in Minnesota and also is the sixth-ranked set in the world. The North American Shed Hunters Club is the official record-keeping body for shed antlers.


Awesome Sheds!!!

There is a video of this animal on the hoof from this past fall......

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Wow that is a nice set of

Wow that is a nice set of sheds....they are some awesome looking that you would almost think they are fake.  Conggrats to the lucky person that found them.  Have a feeling that that area area could be a popular spot scome this years hunting seasons!!

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Holy Moly, those things are

Holy Moly, those things are impressive!!!

I'd love to have seen them on the actual buck.

I wonder if anyone will step forward and throw some big $$$$ at him.  Maybe Cabelas, Bass Pro, someone like that.

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Thats a very nice looking

Thats a very nice looking rack, They have some big deer in Minnesota. I hunted there on my uncles property, he has 460 acres. I saw a huge buck, 8x8 in one of his stands he called the swamp stand. its in the middle of swampy area and its thick and nasty. i decided to try it out and after about an hour i caught a glimpse of that deer and darn near fell out of the tree. he was a smart one and didnt give me shot and i never saw him again. but my uncle has some very nice deer on his land. i would love to get back there for another hunt.

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That is an awesome set of sheds!  I would love to see the trail cam pictures of this deer with those antlers still on his head.  At least it sounds like he is out there running around still.  It would be exciting to hunt that area knowing that a buck like that is out there, and he is spreading his genetics.