Senators Battle Lead Ban

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A group of conservation groups is suing the EPA over refusing to ban the use of lead in hunting ammo and fishing tackle. However Senators Jon Tester (Montana) and John Thune (South Dakota) have introduced legislation that aims to put lead used in hunting and fishing outside the EPA's regulatory reach. Fox News has a write up on the legislation and the co-authors goals by introducing the legislation.

"Outdoor activities, including hunting and fishing, not only provide recreational opportunities, but also greatly contribute to South Dakota's economy," Thune said. "The EPA's overreaching regulations in other areas are already negatively affecting jobs and businesses across the country, and I am committed to ensuring that ammunition and tackle do not become subject to arbitrary regulation."


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It looks like Congress is

It looks like Congress is going to have to be more involved with stuff like wolves and now this type of stuff in the future when a minority of people can keep wasting taxpayers money on what are mostly frivolous lawsuits that are just aimed at eliminating sports that law abiding citizens are involved in.