Senator Tester Pushes for Wolf Delisting

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Despite a recent court settlement that would delist wolves in certain states and facing long odds in the Senate and White House, Montana's Jon Tester is pushing to delist wolves in the Northern Rockies. According to the Missoulian, Sen Tester has attached his bill as a rider to the congressional budget bill.

But on Friday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told reporters that no riders forcing policy changes on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency would be allowed in the spending bill. He also indicated that other conservation and land-management amendments in the House's continuing resolution wouldn't survive. "Neither the White House nor the Senate leaders is going to accept any EPA riders," Reid said in a conference call. He referred to House Republican measures that would keep the EPA from enforcing regulations on clean water and other industrial actions.


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I know wolves are devasating

I know wolves are devasating the our deer and elk herds but you have to admit they the ulimate predator....just wish they would eat what they kill.  With that said I think the western states need to do all they can to get the wolves under control or we will lose out great elk and deer herds!!