Savor the Day

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Emily Bauer got her first turkey last year - a tom. This year she went with her father and brother at the beginning of turkey season, the youth hunt, as an experienced 14 year old turkey hunter. They found the area that they liked, parked the truck, set up turkey decoys, and settled down behind some brush for protection from the wind.

They had hunted this area previously and scouted it earlier. They were unsure if they would see any turkeys, but it was the beginning of the season and they had time. After about 20 minutes of occasional calling they heard a gobble. Then a hen came into their line of sight, followed by a jake and a tom close to where they had parked the truck. The hen took off away from Emily. They used a call, but had little faith, thinking the jake and tom would follow the hen.

However the jake and tom came towards them. The tom eventually left, but the jake saw the decoys and came running. Emily's father said if she was ready, this jake was legal, it was her permit, her hunt, so ultimately her choice. Emily decided this was the jake for her. Emily's father gave the alarm call that made the jake put his head up, and Emily shot.

In 40 minutes Emily had filled her tag, with a 13 pound jake that had a 3-4 inch beard. After cleaning up and stowing the gun, decoys, and the turkey the family was reluctant to go home so spent the rest of the day hunting for mushrooms and savoring the day. From