To Save Moose - Bears Need to Go

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Alaska's Department of Fish and Game introduced a plan that would help the people of Alaska ensure moose meat in their freezer. Many people depend on stocking their freezer with moose to make it. It is an affordable, healthy way to get meat into the home. In Unit 19A, there was a decline in the moose population. "The moose population is very low and local people depend on moose meat," Board chairman Cliff Judkins said. "This program will allow moose numbers to rebound much faster than they can now."

At first wolves were the targeted predator to take out by hunters in the sky. On Sunday the Board of Game voted to allow aerial hunting of all black and brown bears in Unit 19A. The plan was created from a previous similar program, which captured and transferred bears from an area. They are not willing to do that this time around, as it is a very expensive program and no residents in the state wanted the bears moved into their areas.

It is unsure how many bears total will be killed in the two years the program has been given, but it is planned that all of the bears are going to be removed from the area. The estimated population of black bears is between 135 and 160, and the brown bears 10-15. From The Bellingham Herald.