Rummaging Black Bear Pins Down NY Woman

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Black bears have been waking up across the northern hemisphere for the last few weeks. Unfortunately with more bears afield comes more human/bear conflicts. According to WNYT, Joy Bayer-Mozynski of Cario, New York, was pinned down with one paw by a black bear that was rummaging through her garbage.

"All of a sudden, I just felt a 'Womp!' I thought the roof of the garage had fallen and hit me, that's how hard it hit me. The bear just held me with one paw down on the middle of my back, put one leg between my two legs, and grabbed the garbage with his other paw." Bayer-Mozynski says she was pinned down for about ten minutes. The whole time, she says she prayed.

Fortunately Mrs. Bayer-Mozynski was not seriously bitten or wounded by the bear.


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This is one lucky lady, this

This is one lucky lady, this ordeal could have turned out a lot worse for her, I'm glad she is ok. Not to affend anyone here but I'm getting tired of hearing "we are encroaching on there enviroment". Um last time i checked humans and bears and many other animals have lived on earth for thousands of years, Attacks have happened for thousands of years, this isnt new. People need to be smart about where they keep there garbage and other possible food sources. states need to have a resonable bear mangement objective to manage populations and people need to stop building and buying house in the rural areas and complaining about wildlife in there yards. what the heck do you expect, come on use your brains people.

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Glad to hear that she os OK. 

Glad to hear that she os OK.  I guess that is what we except to happen when we start to build and move in on there natural range.  Too bad the bear will probably suffer the most from this whole ordeal.

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That was one lucky lady. She

That was one lucky lady. She did make what I consider a very telling statement as to the mind set of way to many people. She said we were encroaching on the bears enviorment, humans are not from some other planet we are part of this enviorment.