The "Rodenator" is an Explosive Issue in Boulder Colorado

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Boulder Colorado is famous for its left leaning politics and perhaps is lesser known for its Wildlife Protection Ordinances for the prairie dog. Given that the city has ordinances that mandates an "adequate plan designed to prevent the reentry of prairie dogs onto the land after the prairie dogs are lawfully removed" it should come as no surprise that some residents are upset over the use of the "Rodenator" in neighboring Boulder county just outside the bounds of Boulder city limits. Boulder's Daily Camera has a write up and a video on the situation.

Residents in a north Boulder neighborhood found themselves awoken Tuesday morning by what has become a familiar and terrifying sound -- prairie dog burrows being blown up by a device known as the "Rodenator." "Kids at the end of the cul-de-sac actually saw some prairie dogs on fire, running and screaming," Leslie Middleton said of a previous Rodenator sweep.


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Even living here in Colorado

Even living here in Colorado I h ave never heard of th story. That is a ptretty extreme way f getting rdof praire dogs. 

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Even living here I had never

Even living here I had never heard of this one. Too bad we couldn't just have a prarie dog shoot to help them out instead. The closest thing I have seen was a number of years ago a guy came up with a way to stick a hose down the burrow and actually suck them up into a big holding tank on his truck. The idea was to sell them to shops or just release them to a "safe" location. People didn't like that one very much either.

I haven't had a good prairie dog shoot for over ten years now as my shooting buddy that enjoyed it the most passed away and I never got the desire to go alone. I think it's time to head out again if I can find some after all this time.

My concern is that they will get this on the ballot here and it will be over in a heartbeat as everything before this has passed. That is why there are no hunting contests here. We used to have a prairie dog contest over by Nucla and the voters put a stop to all of it.

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I'm sorry, but is it okay

I'm sorry, but is it okay that I am laughin my butt off at the comment about the prairie dogs running around on fire screaming... lol

Remind me of Bill Murray in Caddyshack.  Too funny.

I can imagine it's not going over too well.  Boulder, as it says, is a quite left leaning, animal loving city.

And while I will never pretend to understand what war veterans go through, or what mental trauma they have endured, I just can't seem to believ ethat a veteran from the Vietnam war still goes into "shock mode" when he hears the explosions.

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Well, it's an effective way

Well, it's an effective way to get rid of - or at least control - pests that cost farmers and ranchers multiplied millions of dollars every year. I suppose the people who object to this method would prefer that the prairie dogs and gophers just be "left alone" no matter how much damage they do. Their attitude would probably change significantly if it was their manicured back yard that was being destroyed.

There are pests that come in the form of rodents, insects, snakes and mammals (bats come to mind). They damage property, endanger our health and cost us money. I say they should be removed the most effective way possible. It looks to me like the Rodenator is a very effective tool.