Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Sponsors Projects in Idaho

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Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is donating $72,013 for a variety of projects in 17 Idaho counties. The projects cover a wide spectrum; controlled burns, fighting noxious weeds, GPS collars to help the elk population. They are hoping to create a better habitat for the elk, research their movement, and the impact the wolves have on the elk. Other projects will provide elk with water year round (guzzlers), and to fence areas to keep cattle out of elk wintering grounds, from The Bellingham Herald.

“The habitat projects that we’re funding this year will help restore habitat quality, and could add over 25,000 acres to the 377,487 acres that we’ve previously helped to conserve or enhance for wildlife across Idaho,” said David Allen, president and CEO of RMEF.


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i definately agree with

i definately agree with keeping cattle out of the elk winter areas. i've hunted all over the state of wyoming and have yet to find a place untouched by cattle. you would think that having cows in the same areas as elk would severly limit the amount of food available to the wintering elk as it was grazed heavily already.

we have already seen that guzzlers make great elk habitat even better and allow an awesome oppertunity to hunt near them especially during dry spells. i had a difficult time finding deer last year due to lack of available water, but once i found the last bit of good water, i found deer, elk... and wolves... but i did find deer and elk.

i'm glad to see money from conservation organizations helping out. i have been a memeber of many of these organizations and every time i read one of thesee articles i feel a little better knowing that my money is doing something directly to fund the animals i care about. and if you aren't already a member of these organizations, (Safari Club International, Mule Deer Foundation, RMEF, NWTF, FWS) i strongly recommend them (especially SCI as i love reading safari magazine!)

but remember, there are a lot of organizations out there that purport the image of conservation ethic, but do not truly fund any real efforts. for instance there are several "popular" safari clubs, but only one SCI.

thanks RMEF!!!

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I have no idea how much money

I have no idea how much money the RMEF has raised and donated over the years but the amount must be staggering. This organization has been in states all across the country helping to re establish herds in new places or help with habitat preservation in many many more.

It's great to see the effort put out to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy hunting elk as much as we do now.