Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to Help Arizona

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The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has been assisting Arizona in any way they can with the wildfires. Local chapters in Arizona raised $75,000 and the national Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation will match that, giving Arizona $150,000 to help with fire mitigation projects. Some of the money will go for livestock feed and hay for cattle owners who have displaced elk grazing and are eating their livestock's' food, also money will be used to reseed native grasses in badly burned areas to return the elk to their own habitat. It will help speed up the land's recovery from the fire.

In e-mailing the mitigation proposals, AZGFD region manager Jon Cooley wrote, "Working through both local and national representatives, RMEF has been providing constant coordination, support and encouragement as we address the myriad of community and wildlife resource challenges that we now confront. The leadership and engagement of RMEF, and the energy and commitment of the RMEF people that have coordinated with us from the start, has proven to be very beneficial and productive." From


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Thats really cool.  I now it

Thats really cool.  I now it really hurt the area in Arizona that burned for the elk and deer.  parts of New Mexico also burned but i think it was need to clear out over growth.  thanks for the help...

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As I am a member of the RMEF

As I am a member of the RMEF I can say that they are one of the best if not the best conservation orginazatiomns oput there.  They put alot of money into projects that we never hear about and giving alot of money to help all big game just not elk.  When they go in and save some land from developers it saves elk along with deer and in some case antelope.  If you are not a memeber and love to hunt big game it is a orginazation to do so!

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Although I have never been a

Although I have never been a member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation it has always been obvious the good they have done everywhere they can to benefit elk. Everywhere they can they are helping to save or preserve habitat or like in this case help to restore it to better conditions. Everywhere you read about reintriduction programs you will see thier name listed as being the biggest promoter in getting the ball rolling. I'm not sure what thier membership numbers are but it must be pretty good for all the money they are able to raise. I will have to look into it more as I know they always have at least one banquet in the valley here every year. I have just not been that big of an elk hunter in the past to pay much attention to what they have going on.