Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Backs Oregon Up in Fight Against Wolf Activists

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Oregon was not able to use the same arguments as Montana did to control their wolves. A lawsuit filed by animal rights and wolf activists brought the state's control of the wolf population to a halt, until more research is conducted. Oregon was seeking to kill two known wolves that were responsible for killing cattle. In the lawsuit, wolf activists claim that killing the wolves could cause "irreparable harm" to the wolf population recovery of Oregon. This argument had been rejected in Montana, but in Oregon it did stop the search, until the legal merit could be looked at.

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation steps into the story now, backing up Oregon. RMEF has filed a motion to enter an amicus curiae brief opposing the plaintiff groups. If the motion is granted, RMEF documents outlining the need for science-based, state-regulated wolf management will be considered as part of the court’s final ruling.

RMEF has 15,000 Oregon members that are hunters and ranchers, as well as conservationists, and all believe that the wolf population needs to be managed by the state.

RMEF has attorneys actively working with other states where wolf activists are trying to stop the wolf hunts and management plans of the states. From Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.


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Glad to see the RMEF stepping

Glad to see the RMEF stepping up and helping the state of Oregon.  The states need alot of help when it copmes to the wolves and the problems they have already caused.  RMEF is a great orginazation and am proud to be a memeber.  I hope tthat they can get it all worked out and.

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Judge Accepts!


I found this today while looking for a picture of the PA elk taken (and can still not find anything) but found that the judge in the Oregon case is now allowiing the RMEF documents/data to assist in Oregon's efforts to stop the wolf/animal activists from hindering good sound wildlife management of these animals.  Here is a part of the article...

"The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has learned that an Oregon court has agreed to consider in its final ruling the RMEF motion outlining the need for science-based, state regulated wolf management. The court is reviewing the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s authority to manage and control wolves as part of a state-approved plan."

I agree 100% that sound science behind the management plan to control wolf populations is the proper way to go here and not a program based on the feelings of a couple of animal activist groups.

Here is the link to the entire article...



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The Rocky Mountain Elk

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is a great organization so to see them step up and join in this fight is good news. The anti hunters will never stop just because they lost in another state. Even if they know they will lose eventually they enjoy tying things up for as long as possible and wasting money. Like was said the idea of wolves being endangered ir rediculous but if you talk to non hunters you will find that most believe it is true. Educating the general public would go a long ways to moveing these hunts and management issues along much more quickly. Hopefully Oregon will win this battle and be able to put the plan in place they need to control things properly.

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These folks don't want what's

These folks don't want what's best for wolves, just what's best for their agenda.  They argue that the "Oregon" wolves are endagered and their population is too small to be reduced, even by two wolves.  Never mind wolves are not endangered animals and can be found all over North America.  How hard is it to understand that unchecked, wolves will eat themselves out of house and home.  Then what?  Will the states need to provide food for the wolves too because we wouldn't want to see their populations decrease?

What we really need to do is find the "endangered" animals that are negatively impacted by wolves and use those arguments to persuade the courts to allow wolf management.  Wonder what the anti's would say to that?

Good for RMEF, I hope they can rally their members to action and make a positive impact on reasonable, scientific-based management plans in Oregon.

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One of the many reasons that

One of the many reasons that I donate each year to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.  Great to see them throw their support behind Oregon and battling those animal rights nuts.  They only have tunnel vision for the wolves, and can't seem to wrap their eyes around the idea that other species can be harmed by the expanding population.  Contrary to what they think, we as hunters and conservationists, do not want to see wolves wiped out entirely.  We just want a balanced population with the rest of nature.

Amazing that they have 15,000 members just in Oregon alone.  That's alot of firepower to back the cause.  Best of luck to them, and I hope the court challenges all get shot down and the hunt for a few more wolves is continued.

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  Yes, more legal wrangling


Yes, more legal wrangling taken by the animal and wolf activists.  I don't understand how they can think that a sound state wildlife management program will not work.  A good wildlife program will actually grow wolf populations to healthy numbers - not decrease or eliminate them.  Without managing the wolves it will only decimate the elk and deer populations and then the wolves will turn more towards the ranch animals.  We can only hope that the Oregon courts allow the RMEF documents/data and see the same as Montana's court system.  A good wildlife program will also generate revenue for the state - a win-win situation for the state, the wolves, and the activists.


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That's quite a telling picture

That is quite a picture! It makes the anti-wolf argument pretty pursuasively to me!

The wolf predation defintely affects the elk herd population (as well as cattle!) and wolf population management problems appear to be universal.  My feeling is that any time that there is an animal population management question,  hunting is the most sane, economical, and efficient solution to any need to reduce that animal population.  Why not let hunters pay for the privilege of doing that work and proudly taking home trophies?  

Thanks for sharing the article and information.  I’ll be looking forward to additional updates as this situation unfolds.