Robin Hood Poacher Stalking California

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An unusual poacher is making the news in Southern California. Apparently a man dressed as Robin Hood has killed about 20 deer over the last couple months. The Santa Barbara Independent has a write up on the killings and the poacher.

The Robin Hood poacher — an elusive man who dresses like the fabled English outlaw, rides a Japanese motorcycle, and slaughters deer throughout Southern California — is reportedly responsible for the deaths of around 20 deer in the Santa Ynez gated community of Rancho Ynecita over the last two months. According to Animal Rescue Team Executive Director Julia Di Sieno, most of the animals were shot with a .22 caliber rifle. Some were killed with a bow and arrow.


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Appears to me that this is

Appears to me that this is the kind of guy that is so careless that one day one of his stray bullets or arrows is gonna find the mark of an innocent person.  Guy like this make me sick beuase they give all of us "ethical" hunters really good black eye.  I just hate it when the call a poacher a "hunter"...they are the farthest thing from a hunter.

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Fools like this need to be

Fools like this need to be caught and put away. Everybody seems to have seen him but not reported it before?

Lack of wardens seems to be common in many states. Not where I hunt though there must be at least as many in my county as in all of California. I have never hunted in Wyoming without being stopped at least once and sometimes several times. But they are also the most helpful and courteous I have ever talked to.


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I hope the police will catch

I hope the police will catch this idot. seriouly who rides a bike dressed as robin hood killing deer. this guy needs to be locked away in the looney bin. me personaly would pee my pants from laughing so hard from seeing a bike riding robin hood in the woods. but i hope they catch this law breaker and fast with the amount of deer he has already killed.

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Hopefully he is collecting all the meat and donating it to the poor too!

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Wow, to think he can flaunt

Wow, to think he can flaunt it that badly, almost making a joke out of it by dressing up.  Hopefully he'll get a little too overconfidant.

I don't like where the article had to take a moment to say "who was drinking at the time".  What does that have to doo with it?  Making an excuse for breaking the law, or maybe trying to paint everyone that "hunts" in the same light?

True sportsman work hard to break away from that beer drinking, gun toting stereotype that is portrayed around the press, then some people have to go and do this.  Idiots....