Roadkill for Dinner

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An Illinois bill for roadkill licenses is waiting for Governor Quinn to sign off. The bill would help Illinois with roadkill clean up costs, allowing people with the proper permit or license to take as much roadkill (fur bearing mammals) as they want, free of charge. It would be most helpful for the rural areas where there are many roadkill incidents. The bill has not received any negative feedback. It will be up to individuals to determine if the roadkill is safe for human consumption.  

From Medill Reports Chicago:

The bill clarifies the current law regarding the legality of roadkill pickup in Illinois. Road-killed deer still may only be claimed by people who are residents of Illinois, are not delinquent in child support payments and do not have their wildlife privileges suspended in any state.


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i'm a supporter of the bill

i'm a supporter of the bill myself. i'm not the type of dude that picks up roadkill, but with deer, it can really save the state some money. if they really wanted to save the state money, they could authorize the pickup of deer with no police involovement at all. because honestly, i would cringe in fear of the fuel bill the highway patroll racks up every month.

it's just another of many to come government cutbacks to be made. we should see this and understand that our way of life in this country isn't sustainable. our lifestyles, our agricultural process, our transportation. if we don't make an effort to change, we will fall behind the rest of the world.

we need to see more fundamentally sound policies like this one in illinois, even though it's samll, it makes sense. and that's the first time i've said that about a government policy.

i wonder what the deal with bobcat is though since they are partially federally regulated?

... you know, i drive through there every time i go back to Ohio. ;

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I think this is a good bill

I think this is a good bill that should make it easier for people to make use of some of this meat. MUch of it is still good in many cases but people are afraid if it's legal to just pick it up. With clarity on the law there is a lot of good meat that could be put to use. Here in Colorado I have seenmany elk with little damage go to waste on the side of the road as hundreds of people drive by. When I was a kid in Michigan my dad knew a local officer that would always call us if he had a deer with limited damage down. I know one year we retrieved and processed 7 deer this way and with the ones we harvested ourselves it helpeed to get us through a very tough year. Hope it passes and people actually take advantage of the new rules.

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I remember my Dad telling me

I remember my Dad telling me about a guy that worked in the area with my Dad up in Vermont, and it was rumored that he picked up all kinds of roadkill.  My dad said he rode with him one day, and they passed a dead animal on the side of the road.  He said the guy didn't stop, but kept looking in the rear view mirror, like he really wanted it.... lol

I like the idea...............