Road Incident Changes Vote on Crossbow Bill

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When Kansas Rep. Anthony Brown first saw the bill to allow crossbow hunting for deer, elk, antelope and wild turkey - he voted no. That was Tuesday morning, by Wednesday he was ready to change his vote. Tuesday evening driving home in his truck he collided with a large doe. The responding officer said this was his second deer related car accident that night. With this new insight Brown went in Wednesday with a yes vote on the crossbow bill.

The bill at first was written for hunters with disabilities, that could not use a compound or traditional bow and would be able to hunt with the crossbow. Wednesday the bill was edited so any hunter could use a crossbow for hunting deer, elk, antelope and wild turkey. It passed the house with a 101-22 vote. If it passes the senate's votes it will become a law, and the number of crossbow permits will be decided by the secretary of wildlife and parks. From



Using the crossbow for hunting whitetail, elk, etc. is growing a large following amongst experienced hunters. There are just many myths about the crossbow and its use as a poaching method. If you are an experienced hunter, we know that using the crossbow would NOT be the preferred poaching method. They are pretty safe for all ages and still take skills to use properly and effectively.