Reward Doubles for Arizona Javelina Killings

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Arizona Game and Fish Department was offering $1000 for information leading to the arrests in the illegal shooting of two javelinas, Tucson Electric Power doubled that when they added another $1000 on Friday according to Tucson Citizen. One javelina was found in Ventana Canyon, shot with a pellet gun and was euthanized March 8th. Another javelina was found dead nearby the next day.

Since January there have been a handful of offenses against javelinas. In January one was found with an arrow in its head and survived. In March there was a report of two having been shot in the head with arrows, one was found and was released after rehab and the other one was never found. In April one was shot with a .22 and had to be euthanized.


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Yeah pretty starnage to hear

Yeah pretty starnage to hear about someone poaching a Javelina.  None the less I hope they catch whoever is foing it as it makes all us ethical hunters look bad.

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Like he said it is rare for

Like he said it is rare for javelina to make the news for anything let alone a poaching case. It may just be someones twisted version of having fun but with three different weapons used it is probably a mixture of that and maybe someone trying to keep themout of their yards or gardens as I have read that in some of those areas it can be a big problem. Any way you look at it it is poaching though and it needs to be stopped before someonre gets hurt in by some stray shooting.

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Interesting.  You hear of the

Interesting.  You hear of the elk, or deer poaching, but rarely hear about the javalina poaching.

By the sounds of it, using a pellet gun, it sounds more like mischief making rather than poaching.

Either way, hopefully they catch the people doing this.  Someone will talk, and the appropriate authorities will find out who it was.