Residential Hunting Divides Neighbors

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Liberty Hill Sundance Ranch is a Texas neighborhood consisting of 277 homes with lots 2.5 acres to 10 acres. The homeowner's association applied for and received, 60 Managed Land Deer Permits from Texas Parks Wildlife which give landowners the state's most flexible seasons and bag limits. The association claims that they did a survey through the neighborhood, and bow hunting deer was approved by the majority to handle the deer population.

Some residents are very unhappy, especially the residents who have children and have found arrows close to where their children play. A homeowner has filed suit saying the board's decision violates the community's own Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, which states, "No activities shall be conducted on the Property and no improvements shall be constructed or allowed to remain on the Property which are or might be unsafe or hazardous to any person or any property."

Some neighbors against the bow hunting argue the deer committee is made up of mostly hunters, an actual vote was never taken on bow hunting, a professional deer count was never done, and rules for the wildlife management plan are not being followed. Some believe it is just the association giving hunters the ability to do whatever they want on their land, which in a neighborhood is irresponsible. The association lost their insurance carrier once they found out that bowhunting was allowed. From


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Up here in Iowa there is alot

Up here in Iowa there is alot of in town hunting going on. Althought i have not participated in this because I am a head hunter and don't really care to shoot does unless some need to be eliminated were my hunting grounds are.

We have had no troubles with people getting shot what so ever besides a couple of people coplaining about deer being field dressed were other people and children can see.

The hunters that do receive these tags are required to take a proficency test and must meet he DNR requirements before they can purchase a tag. Whichj I think is a very good idea and should be applied were ever this situation arrives.

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Well, no matter what happens,

Well, no matter what happens, you can't please everyone.  I imagine a majority of people were for this, so what could they do?

It would be tough, as you guys said, to see deer running through yards with an arrow sticking out of it.  Nobody wants to see that, especially if children are around.  Maybe they should take some sort of proficiency course. 

Also, I have to wonder a little if the arrows around the houses are not poachers trying to pick off a deer at night.  There was an episode of Wild Justice this year where a guy was poaching in peoples' driveway with archery equipment.  They found a blood trail at one point, and tracked it to a nice buck, dead of course.

Hopefully they can come to some sort of compromise over this, and keep everyone safe.

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I like the idea as well and

I like the idea as well and have to wonder how bad the situation really is. the anti hunting people are usually the most vocal and it's possible there were really no arrows found at all or very few anyway. I do realize of course that even one is too many when there are children running around. With lot sizes ranging in size from 2.5 all the way up to 10 acres I would think that most of the hunting could be done on your own property without the danger of loose arrows. I suppose there are some open areas that get hunted but with a little control there should be no problems. I think that there are just a couple of homeowners that don't like it and are making up any reason they can think of to get it stopped. Just remember just one careless hunter can ruin the whole thing for everyone here and in other similar hunts as well.

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Not to sure on this one.  I

Not to sure on this one.  I like the idea, but at the same time if the hunters are not picking up arrows or talking bad shots.  i would really rethink the plan.  I know in parts of Texas there is a real bads deer problem.  Maybe they should hold off another year and really see how bad it is.  maybe after a few cars hit deer or deer start chasing kids around they might be able to come to a better plan.

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I can why the families would

I can why the families would be concerned especially with some arrant arrows flying around.  I think it would just take the comunity to get togther and work out some shooting hours or some real strict shooting lanes that are not gonna put pepople and pets in harms way.  Hopefully teh hunters are some good shots last thing you want to see especially when meet by oppostion is a bunch of deer running around wounded with arrows sticking out o them.  Hopefully they can all come together and work it out.