Reminder: Oregon Youth Must Wear Hunter Orange

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Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission voted in 2010 to make it mandatory that youth hunters wear hunter orange. This goes into effect August 1st. Youths 17 and under must wear the bright orange known as hunter orange, except during archery season or when hunting wild turkey or migratory birds. They can wear a hat with the orange color, or camo with the orange in it.

Some limited youth elk, bear, and cougar season open on August 1st, but most seasons open in September and October. From The Statesmen Journal.


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I find it weird that a state

I find it weird that a state has a blaze orange law that is structured toward age.  Out west here it is mandatory for all hunters to wera some orange.  First time I hunyted Wyoming I was shocked that all you had to were was a hat or jacket, just as long as you had one on it did not matter..after hunting in Colorado my whole life were you have to were a hat and jacket at all time while rilfe hunting it just struck me as odd.  It usually takes a fatality to get laws like that changed and my guess is someone will get shot in states that do not require orange every year.

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Arrow, I think it has to do

Arrow, I think it has to do wit the fact that they are "minors", and in our society, minors have to have someone look out for their interests.  Whether legitimate or not, they believe that they know better than the parents or guardians in the cases of seatbelts, hunting safety, medical care, etc.  Once they turn 18, they are adults, and can make their own decisions regarding safety.

I think it should be mandatory for everyone, not because I believe in taking someone's right to choose, but just for everyone's protection.  Hunter orange is a good thing.  Some people complain that the deer can supposedly see it, however, you can get hunter orange material that also has tree or brush pattern on it.  Breaking up the outline of your form is more important anyway, than whether or not they can seel blaze orange.

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Somewhat interesting

I find it somewhat interesting that my neighbor state makes a safety issue age specific. Are people under 17 the only ones with value? If an issue is for safety, why wouldn't it be in force for all ages? It's not like the government isn't already in control of our lives. Maybe in Oregon only kids under 17 are required to wear a car safety belt? Maybe only minors have to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle?

Who makes these laws and what is their thinking? Maybe it's like our federal government that makes laws that apply to everyone except themselves?

I guess the honest question is, why would someone want to do things that have the potential to do so much harm? We need to be in control of our own lives.

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Using blaze orange is a

Using blaze orange is a really good idea, but like hunter25 said I think that everyone should have to wear it. In Iowa we our required to wear orange during shotgun season no matter what the age of the hunter is.

The land that I hunt is also surrounded by other hunting grounds that people shotgun hunt. When I get into my stand it is usually still dark, but when the sun comes up and you start looking around, You can see the woods spotted with orange vest. If these hunters was not wearing orange there is a good chance that I wouldn't have seen them.

I think making everyone wear orange is a very good idea.

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I said in a previous update

I said in a previous update on this one that I think the use of blaze orange is a good thing and in my opinion really has no negative affect on your hunt. I know my dad hates it but he can't prove it's hurt him any. Thier are just too many people out there anymore and I know I feel a little safer every time I start to stick my head over the top of a hill. I think it's funny though that they only require it for the kids. The kids are the ones ding the shooting so it would make more sense that everyone be required to wear it. I have read that the reason these laws work out like this is usually because the people passing them want to make sure that they are not affected. That's why when hunter safety laws are passed it usaull has a date that the guys that passed it son't have to go take the class. I need one in some states but not in others because of this. I have taken the course many times now for myself, my ex wife, my kids and in the not too distant future I will be taking it again with my grandson.

The safer we all are the better.