Remember That 104 Lb Missouri Coyote?

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It turns out the huge Missouri coyote we mentioned earlier was actually a wolf after all. Back in December we mentioned that the Missouri Department of Conservation had confirmed via genetic testing that the large animal was a coyote. However after further testing the MDC has decided to reverse its opinion and now believes the animal was in fact a wolf.

“Lots of people were skeptical when we announced results from the first round of testing,” said Beringer. “We were too. But when you are trying to unravel a biological puzzle like this one, you take things one step at a time and go where the science leads you. This animal appeared to be very different from the western wolf samples it was compared with, but when we compared it with wolf DNA from the Great Lake states we found a match.”


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Wow hatis a crazy story. 

Wow hatis a crazy story.  Just by first glace at the photo I wouldhave said that is a wolf.  Nose justlooks a little squared off to me to be a coyote.

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Well, this now brings up an

Well, this now brings up an interesting question.  The hunter that shot it, was worried that he could be charged if it was found to be a wolf. Even if it was a "mistake", it's his responsibility.

Well, they determined it to be a coyote, so he was found to be justified.  But, now that they are calling it a wolf, will they go back and try to fine him after all, or just let bygones be bygones?????

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How come they didn't just

How come they didn't just look at it's teeth?

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Sure looks like a wolf - but if the DNA test can't be sure how can a hunter?

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Hmmm. from the picture it

Hmmm. from the picture it looks lie a wolf, its not the greatest picture but still doesnt look like a yote to me. I wonder what kind of research this will bring up. it should keep the biologist busy for a little bit. Atleast they put to rest the mistery.

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Well - that was a bit

Well - that was a bit difficult to swallow, but then, the evidence seemed to point to it being a coyote.

Still, a 104 pound wolf is nothing to sneeze at! And the fact that it was in Missouri adds yet another interesting factor doesn't it? How come we've got wolves so far south?

That ought to keep the experts occupied for a while.