Record Alligator Shot in Texas

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A monster of an alligator, weighing in at 880 lbs and measuring 13' 8", was shot in Leon County, Texas by Levi McCathern. McCathern and his son, Noah, were hunting with guide Steve Barclay on private property, that is close to the Trinity River. Barclay had this alligator pegged, since he had been hunting him the past three years. Before hunting season Barclay had seen him in the general area, so they were on the lookout for this immense reptile.

McCathern shot the alligator from 100 yards, during a spot and stalk hunt. The shot struck home, but the gator rolled off the bank and got lost underwater. Barclay and deckhand Ryan Burton were able to locate the animal, then spent 2 hours winching it up into the airboat. Once they got to the launch area, Barclay decided winching it directly into the truck would be safest, and not pull his truck in. The head was resting on the truck cab and the tail on the tailgate when he drove into Crockett. "We shut Crockett down for a while," Barclay said. Even in East Texas a dinosaur-sized reptile loaded in the bed of a pickup truck is a rare sight.

McCathern and his son have gone on many hunts together, this was his first alligator hunt and he said it was the thrill of his hunting career. From the Bellingham Herald. Another article with video on


Ca_Vermonster's picture

Holy Moly, that's one big

Holy Moly, that's one big alligator!!!!

And to see it was shot in Texas.  Interesting.  I never picture alligators in Texas, but I guess on the gulf coast is as good a place as any.

When I think of alligators, i think of Florida, Louisianna, etc.  Not texas.

Big beast for sure!

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That is amazing!!!  I hope to

That is amazing!!!  I hope to hunt a Alligator some day soon.  To get one that big, is like time well spent over the past few years.  I bet it did shut down the town for awhile.