Recent Virginia Hunter Education Graduates Get a Shot at Free Hunt

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Virginia is participating in a new program called Explore Wingshooting. Invitations went out to recent graduates of hunter education classes, the first 50 to respond will receive a chance at a free pheasant hunt on certain preserves. The graduate will hunt for free, and their adult companion will receive a discounted price.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation, North American Gamebird Association and International Hunter Education Association are sponsoring the program to provide a safe and enjoyable game bird hunting experience for new hunter education graduates on their first outing.

The hunt at the preserves will last 3 to 3 and 1/2 hours. The graduate and their adult hunting partner will have a guide and a trained dog with them on the preserve. Sounds like a great program. From The Sacramento Bee.


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It's great to see these

It's great to see these programs and special offers veing made to get people started. Even though they were probably going to take th esafety class anyway it adds a lot of fun to it. We have quite a few different programs here in Colorado now including some youth pheasant hunts to get them started. When I was a kid in Wisconsin long before a hunter safety card was required you would get a free small game license if you took and passed the class. Since the license was more expensive than the class it was good motivation for me and my friends to take the class and get more hunting in. And it sure helped years later when I moved to Colorado and it was already required. Any programs to get more people hunting are great.

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These kinds of programs are

These kinds of programs are really important to get new hunters great hunting experiences early in their hunting careers.  It seems like I hear about more and more states making these kinds of programs available and really working to increase new hunter involvement.  It can be pretty hard to just start out with no idea of really how to hunt or where to hunt.  These kinds of programs fill a big need to get new hunters into the sport and keep them interested.

Colorado also does a pretty good job of offering youth or beginner hunts several times a year.  Most of the time they are completely free too.  I haven't taken my kids on one of these hunts, but we may check them out.  I'm sure they would be a lot of fun.

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That's a pretty cool thing

That's a pretty cool thing that Virginia is doing.  It appears to be very similar to what one of the Carolinas was doing, when they were giving away a free safety harness to participants.  It's good to give people some extra motivation to get into a hunters safety program.  Not everyone even needs to be a nhunter, to at least take a safety course.  Heck, my sister went through when she was 10, and never had any interest in hunting.  She did marry a gun collector later in life though, which meant that she was already familiar with, and comfortable with firearms.

A free pheasant shoot will give some new hunters a good introduction to the sport.  It's a great thing for Virginia to offer! They can bring someone with them, and they also get to hunt with a dog!  Very cool! 

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Very cool prgram that

Very cool prgram that Virginia has going here. It's a good way for the kids to get out and do some hunting. I like that they are giving them a free hunt and the adult companions a dicounted rate. It's a good way to make it a family event. It would be nice to see more states do free hunt stuff for class graduates. It's kind of a bonus incentive to do well in the class and graduate. I hope to see a follow up article talking about the success of the hunt. I like articles like that. With all the bad out there in the world it's always nice to read about some good.



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  An excellent program that


An excellent program that Virginia is sponsoring.  I find it a little funny that CA article that a Conn. news web site publshes has to purport this VA program and it is not found all over the Virginia web sites and newspapers.

The program is a great addition to the regular hunting season.  It is great to see all of the additional prizes offered to the youth involved.  But why stop at 50 when all states are trying to get more youth involved? 

A definite congrats to the 50 VA youth hunters that win this selection and to their pheasant hunt!  This is yet another kind of new youth hunt that will assist in securing more young adults in the sport of hunting.