Rabid Javelina Attack Confirmed in Arizona

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Officials in Yavapai County, Arizona confirmed that a javelina that attacked a dog on Monday has tested positive for rabies. KPHO.com has a brief write-up about the attack.

Yavapai county sheriff spokesman Dwight D'Evlyn said animal control officers were called to a home in Walnut Grove to investigate a report of a javelina attack involving a domestic dog.

D'Evlyn said the family hound dog had been tethered outside the home when a javelina approached the home. The javelina engaged the dog and was able to bite the dog's hindquarters. The dog's owner was able to kill the javelina.


Ca_Vermonster's picture

Man, I thought they were

Man, I thought they were skiddish, and only got aggressive when cornered.  This one tried to get a tethered dog???

Guess the rabies did have something to do it, huh? lol


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thats just crazy. are they

thats just crazy. are they pretty aggressive animals? i know hogs will charge a person. There have been a few reports of yotes up here attacking that have rabbies. i guess when or if i hunt these creatures I'll have to watch my back.

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Wow, I've always known about

Wow, I've always known about coyotes, skunks, and coons carrying rabies but it has always been pretty rare around here. It never even crossed my mind that something like a javelina would be carrying the disease.

Good report to keep people informed about everything we need to be aware of while we are out there.