Pregnant Doe Poached

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Two young men were seen with a compound hunting bow in the area of Grant Creek subdivision on Friday. A dead pregnant doe was found Saturday. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks wardens visited the scene Sunday to investigate. The doe was left in a common area of the subdivision. Wardens are asking for any information that will help track down the party responsible.

It is illegal to shoot a big game animal in a residential area, without a license or during a closed season. From the Missoulian.


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Sounds like some kids being

Sounds like some kids being stupid as they were even seen wandering around with the bow in the first place. But even as kids they should know what they were doing was illegal and has consequenses. Hopefully they will be caught and learn a hard lesson about what is right. Poaching is bad enough but the safety issue in a subdivision is even more serious.

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makes me wonder some people

makes me wonder some people are thinking when they pull stuff like these.  You would think with all the stories and even some of the new TV shows that are out there that they would come to realization that they are most likely gonna get caught and is it really worth it.