Potential Wisconsin Record Black Bear Found in Field

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Wade Brockman discovered a large dead black bear in one of his fields last November and it's turned out to be a whopper coming in at 23 5/16 inches. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a write up about Wade and the bear.

Wade Brockman of Tomah makes his living as a cranberry grower. Aside from work and family, though, he says his life "revolves around hunting." So it should come as no surprise that Brockman was in a tree stand on his farm Nov. 28, the last day of the 2010 Wisconsin gun deer season.


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Wow that is a great

Wow that is a great find...congrats to the lucky finder of what apprears to be a great looking bear.

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That is a BIG bear!!! Funny,

That is a BIG bear!!! Funny, but you see that happen every couple of years. 

Here is one from Minnesota last year.  It was run over by a combine in a corn field, and was almost 400 pounds..


I think I remember a similar story 2 or 3 years ago, of an even bigger bear.

Here is one from Wisconsin also, and there is an ongoing debate as to whether or not it was killed by a combine, as the landowner says, or gunshots, like the DNR says.  I would guess that it may have been shot, run into the field, and died, then the farmer ran over it the next day while harvesting.  It came in at 700 POUNDS OR MORE!!!!!!


I guess they do grow them that big up there.

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Great bear from Wisconsin. I

Great bear from Wisconsin. I think it's great when these monsters show up in the places we least expect them. Like the bull elk in Minnesota and now this bear. I know these areas have the animals but are not the places you think about if planning a hunt for a trophy.

I have seen a few bears over the years but have never really hunted them and have never had the chance to kill one.

Congratulations on his find in the corn field.

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Wow! Now, THAT'S a bear! I

Wow! Now, THAT'S a bear!

I knew that bears like various kinds of berries, but I didn't realize until now that they made them so BIG! So I guess the moral to this story is, if you want your kids to put on weight and have strong bones, feed them cranberries!

I'm guessing that there are a lot of potential state and world records walking around out there that are rarely, if ever seen. It seems like some of the biggest bucks are nocturnal, the biggest elk always manage to elude hunters during the season, but leave their sheds on the ground to tantalize them for the next year. It's no doubt the same with big bears. Since they spend the winter in dens, and probably also sleep there whenever they aren't out and about, they are perhaps less likely to be seen than many other kinds of animals.

Congratulations to Wade Brockman. I wonder how he is going to display his trophy.