Potential New South Dakota P&Y Mule Deer Record

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Last year's hunting season won't be forgotten soon by Brandon Beitelspacher. On October 16th Brandon took a buck that has an official net score of 203-5/8". The Argus Leader has Brandon's full story.

"I couldn't tell this at the time, but I had actually seen this buck three times before and knew that he was big," said Beitelspacher. "And even at 50 yards, I looked through my binoculars, and I could not tell exactly what he was because he was standing in brush that was just that thick."


Ca_Vermonster's picture

Well, other than the fact

Well, other than the fact that he has that huge pom-pom on top of his head.... lol

That is a BEAST!  I can't imagine being able to draw back on that thing, let alone let an arrow fly accurately.

Heck, my knees would be shaking so bad.  Funny that he was waiting for his brother to shoot too.  Wonder how the brother feels.

jaybe's picture

Vermont - you mentioned the

Vermont - you mentioned the knees, but you forgot about the dry mouth, sweaty palms and heart pounding in the throat!

 That is one gorgeous buck! And it's a very nice picture as well. I'm going to have to try to remember that tip about sky-lining the antlers. It sure makes them stand out much better than when the hunter is directly behind them and they blend in with his camouflage clothing.