Potential New Record North Dakota Mule Deer Buck

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The Dickinson Press has an outdoor article up that highlights a few hunting stories for North Dakota. Among the brief descriptions the author briefly mentions a bruiser of a buck that took the 17th annual Big Buck Contest held in Dickinson. Tyson Schwab took buck scores (green score presumably) 216 5/8 and could be a new record for the state.

Another fortunate hunter, Tyson Schwab of Golden Valley, shot a mule deer that scored 212 B, on the Boone and Crocket scale in November. Schwab won the 17th annual Army’s West Big Buck Contest on Dec. 2. “I started shaking before I shot him,” Schwab said in an article Dec. 2 in The Dickinson Press.


Ca_Vermonster's picture

Holy Moly, that's a

Holy Moly, that's a biggie....

Got everything you want....width, heighth, thick, and deep forks! 

Congrats to that guy!