Potential New Record Montana Pronghorn

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The Helena Independent Record has an article running about Kody Baker and his record book antelope that he took near east Helena. The buck has not been offically recognized by Pope and Young yet, but it dry scores at 86, which is a bit more than the 84 2/8 that has stood since 1989.

When Kody Baker came home from work ... his neighbor called to say some antelope in a field near their East Helena homes were acting kind of funny. So Baker, who had a hunting blind nearby, grabbed his bow and went to check them out. By the time he got home a few hours later, Baker had scratches from belly-crawling 400 yards through a newly cut wheat field and what he believes is the new state record for a pronghorn antelope shot with a bow.


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Yeah, I don't think that it

Yeah, I don't think that it is the angle. I think it is a wierd horn feature for sure. But like I said, you do not get a mass measurement off of the cutter anyways so that is why it did not hurt him and why the buck was able to score so well. If you got a mass measurement off the cutter than there are a lot of bucks that would have beat this one out because of that feature. It kind of makes you think if that system of scoring is the best way of doing it. Cutters are a unique part of the pronghorn horn so why do they not get a mass measurement? I wonder who got to come up with the scoring system for the different species. I think there is an error in how pronghorns are scored after looking at this.

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I would bet that the right

I would bet that the right cutter is very similar to the left one and the angle makes it look that way. If it was pencil size as you stated, it would not be a record book type animal.

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Now that is one heck of a

Now that is one heck of a pronghorn buck! I wish I could see a shot of him posing with him in the field. That can be a lot more telling sometimes of what you are looking at. And I am with you CA... I am not sure if he could be standing any further back from that thing. Maybe it was so darn big that he was just plain scared of it.

He does have some great mass and long cutters but the bucks right cutter looks really wierd. It is long but it has no mass. It is just pretty much just a pen sticking out there or something. It would be a little more impressive if it matched that other cutter. But it does not affect that score because you do not get a mass measurement on the cutter.

As far as the spread on the scoring goes, you do not get either the main beam spread or the tip to tip spread included. They do not count towards your final score at all although they are taken and recorded by the official measurer. I have always wondered why measurements are taken that do not figure in the score. I think it has to do with the fact that a lot of people just measure a trophy by width and it is nice being able to see that measurement even though it is not factored into the score.

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I went back and looked at the

I went back and looked at the cutter you described as a pencil.  I thought maybe could be the angle at first, but I don't think so. I think you're right it does look like a pencil.  I wonder how hight it would have scored if it had some real mass on it.

Still it is a real nice buck.

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The antelope is a monster

The antelope is a monster buck.  The cutters are huge and it has lots of mass.  The story about how he stalked up on the buck is really a good story.  It is nice to see someone have to work hard to get a trophy like this one.  It makes taking the buck all that much more satisfying.

One thing the story reports is that the 86 inch score includes the inside spread and tip to tip spread.  I am not an expert on scoring pronghorn, but unlike deer I don't think you include that in the actual score.  Anyone with more knowldege know for sure?

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It's funny how many times you

It's funny how many times you hear about an animal getting shot by someone who wasn't even hunting at the time.  This guy says he was still in his drywall clothes, and I think the article from the other day about the huge Nebraska buck was of a guy who wasn't even in the woods, got a call from his son, and rushed out the door with his gun.  Too funny.  Just wish someone would call me with news like that someday.

The only thing I don't like is the pose this guy takes.  Maybe he should have stepped back another 10 feet, they would have looked even more monstrous.  If it is a pending state record, I would'nt think it would need that much help to look impressive..... Wink