Potential New Record Colorado Black Bear

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Most black bears taken in Colorado are the 200-300 lb variety, but every once in a while a hunter takes a monster of a bruin. This year Craig resident Richard Kendall has taken a 703 lb massive black bear which green scores at 22 5/8 inches enough to be the new state record if it doesn't shrink.

The Craig Daily Press has a good write up on the hunter and the bear with quite a few photos.

Heart pounding and adrenaline pumping, he stuck his head inside the cave and made eye contact with the object of his hunt — a 703-pound black bear, one bigger than he’d ever seen or tracked before. At that moment, the world around him stopped — it was only he and the bear, do or die.


New Record Bear

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Totally Unimpressed


I think it is purely poor sportsmanship and the endless search for ego gratification on the part of Richard Kendall.  For God’s sake: Kendall sneaks into the WINTER den of a sleeping bear and simply fires on it at point-blank range?  And that’s supposed to be a “trophy”?  The only trophy is his now remarkable public airing of the obviously tiny size of his personal manhood.  


I grew up on venison, elk, and trout, so I know about hunting in case all the rest of you small men who want to congratulate this idiot come unglued on me.  My dad also was responsible for saving the national bird -- the bald eagle - which was facing extinction in the 70’s through the use of DDT.  There’s pride in my family in both these regards, but to just murder a Colorado Legend Bear and consider it “hunting” makes me laugh--after I finish vomiting, that is.  


Honestly, the bear belonged to all the people, not just to Richard Kendall.  He had no right to destroy it.  In fact, Kendall could have made a small fortune photographing it instead of taking its life, and he would have been hailed a hero by everyone.  Now the magnificent beast is gone, and there is much animosity and even hatred toward Richard Kendall.


Kendall said, “There is something about bears,” “They have a special spirit, special aura, a special something that I can’t even tell you what is there.”  Right--a special spirit, and Kendall feels the overwhelming need to eliminate and dominate.  But he can never dominate the spirit of that bear, and I’m sure there will be a reckoning, here or there.  He also said, “I know that anybody who has never hunted won’t have a clue how us as hunters have respect for the animals we’re after.”  Well, really how much respect does he have to sneak into a bear den and kill a disoriented bear.  No different that bullfighting.  What a loser.  He has no respect for wildlife whatsoever or of true hunting and I sincerely hope the DOW nails him on it.  What a jerk.  He gives hunters a REALLY bad name in the community and this is how it runs:  “hunters are pathetic pathological misfits who get off on blood lust and the murder of animals for no reason other than to be interminable braggarts for being able to pull a trigger in the vain attempt to satisfy bad self-esteem,”  etc. etc.


The backlash on this is big and it’s going to grow.  All the work that’s been done to educate the public on hunting is going down the toilet.  Thanks Richard Kendall.  Good one.



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Taking aim from about six

Taking aim from about six feet away, Kendall saw his opportunity as the bear looked away and pinned his ears back.


Well, really how much respect does he have to sneak into a bear den and kill a disoriented bear.

This bear was not sleeping he was not disoriented that bear knew exactly what was going on. The bear was also tracked into the den. You can snarl and bad mouth this guy all you want but it take some testosterone to crawl into a bear den not knowing what you are going to find. It's dark your eyes are not adjusted and the bears are.

The only backlash I have heard is from the the tofu troops from down at PETA & DOW headquarters; the wolf worshipers who put predators needs above humans. A bear that got that big was probably either a very good predator of deer & elk or he was a garbage dump bear that was acclimated to humans. Either way he needed removed from the gene pool.


The controversy that has come to light since my dad killed this bear, is amazing and unbelievable.  The governor of Colorado sent the DOW to his house tonight, to investigate this kill.  Animal right's people are already trying to change laws because of this.  He killed this bear legally and I'm proud to stand by him and support his love for hunting.  I'm just saddened by what people are saying.

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I hope the wildlife officers

I hope the wildlife officers that do the investigating have more sense and guts the your Governor does. No matter the out come your dad took a nice trophy something to be proud of.

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Wow great looking bear and

Wow great looking bear and congrats to the hunter.  Being from Colorado I am shocked I had not heard this story yet, plus I did not think we had any bears that size.
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That's a huge bear! It

That's a huge bear! It doesn't matter what state it is in. That's a trophy bear. Congrats to the hunter!

I've heard of some 600 pounders being shot down east this year, but  I haven't heard any that big yet. I witnessed the hunt of a 250 lb bear this bear season. I couldn't imagine a bear nearly 3 times that size. My heart was pounding as it was. It would probably jump out of my chest if I was face to face with a 700 lb bear.

The animal lovers really hit him hard with their comments at the bottom of the article. I would like to see their faces when they walk the dog at night in their backyard and it is swallowed hole by a bear that size. But it still wouldn't change their minds about how to manage bears.

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That is a MONSTER bear!!!!

That is a MONSTER bear!!!! Holy Moly, that's incredible.  However, I knew when i started reading it that the comments would be forthcoming from the anti-hunters. The guy shot this thing in it's cave, as it was preparing to or already hibernating.  Gonna get alot of people who don't agree with that.

Can't imagins trying to drag that thing around.  45 minutes just to get it out of the cave?  Geez!!!

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Ok... first of all, THAT GUY

Ok... first of all, THAT GUY IS CRAZY! Did I just read that right? He crawled into a cave with a 703 pound black bear. I think we need to get that guy tested for a recessive gene that is going to put him at risk for dying at the hands of some angry critter. One thing is for sure, he has got some guts... and a lot more than your average joe. I guess if I knew that there was a potential state record in that dark hole I might try to do something about it too but from where I sit now, it just seems crazy.

You do not usually hear about bears that big coming out of Colorado. It is usually those eastern states that produce the feakishly huge bears. It leaves you with an awesome feeling knowing that they are out there. Just imagine what kind of bear is tucked away in its cave in the San Juans or Flat Tops right now. Makes me want to get another bear tag next year!

Congratulations to him and even if it does shrink too much to be the new record... it is still one heck of a bear.

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  22 5/8 is a good black bear


22 5/8 is a good black bear by any standards he has a trophy of a life time.

This is what its all about

What can you say another than outstanding.  Man what a black bear trophy.  Sure chance to cross paths with that monster for sure.  With an black bear like this, who really knows for sure what is roaming the mountains?  I am willing to be there are more where that came from.  An impressive trophy of a life time.  The good part is it was done witout any controversy.  I hope to have an adventure like this one day.

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That's One Big Bear There!

That's a b-i-g-g-g bear!

Really nice trophy.

It took a lot of nerve (or a lack of nerves) to crawl into a den with a bear of any size, especially when the one doing the crawling puts himself between the bear and the door!

I'm sure that there are some who will complain, but they complain about any and all hunting anyway.

The bear was taken by legal means and is an impressive trophy, even if some are unimpressed.

Let's stick together, fellow hunters; we are not the enemy.