Pork Choppers to Hit Texas Skies

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Starting this Thursday hunters will be able to shoot as many feral hogs as they can, from helicopters. Previously only landowners with hog problems could hire helicopter companies to deal with the hogs, but State Rep. Sid Miller, R-Stephenville sponsored the pork chopper legislation. Hogs do millions of dollars of damage, and the state has also spent millions trying to control the hogs. It is uncertain how effective the pork choppers will be, as usually hunting from the air is about 15% accurate with hitting the target.

Already the companies that will be flying the hunters are making some money. One of the companies, Vertex Helicopters, requires that hunters take a safety class before going up in the copter. This class costs $350, is four hours long, followed with 30 minutes of airborne target practice.

They have already had sixty graduates, with two more classes of 15 each already filled. Some of the graduates have come from New York, Missouri and Kansas. Mike Morgan, the president of Vertex Helicopters is a retired army helicopter pilot. He has gotten permission from private landowners to hunt on over 150,000 acres, and has another 550,000 acres in the works. Morgan has already set up over 30 hunts, only requiring a 3 hour minimum flight time, other companies require up to 5 or 6 hours. From The Star-Telegram.


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"Pork Choppers", I love it.

"Pork Choppers", I love it. lol

Seriously though, I have said it time and time again, if they are so concerned with the damage that hogs are doing to farmland and ranch land, then put an ad in the paper for hunters to come, and shoot all they want.  Don't charge $200+ to do it, just open the gates. How do you think you'll kill more pigs?  "Hey hunters, free pig hunting, come and get them", or "Hey, we've got great pig hunting here, only $200".

Of course, you would need to control the number, and want to make sure you get ethical people in there, but don't say you don't know what to do when a solution is right in front of your eyes.

Even that though won't entirely solve the problem.  But, it will go a long way to helping out.

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This does look like it could

This does look like it could be a lot of fun but I'm not really sure how effective it would be. i have hunted hogs in Texas a few times now and usually they are found in some of the thickest brush around and very hard to see untill they get close. The chopper ride itself would eb a lot of fun though and something I have not yet experienced. It says the ability to make your shots is much more difficult from the air while moving so I would be interested to read some reports from amy one that does it. I bet the cost will be pretty high though.

Anyway I see this as more of a novelty and just another way for someone to make some extra money. I'll take mt chances on the ground and I'd be willing to bet I do just as well or better. Like I said hopefully we will get some reports to see if I'm right or not.

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Now that could be alot of

Now that could be alot of fun.  I have seen some videos of it being done in Austraila, and they much have had some sort of scout sniper on board, cause he barely missed.  I could see my self going thru alot of powder on a hunt like that!