Porcupine Caribou Herd on the Rebound

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It appears that the Porcupine caribou herds of Alaska and Canada are on the rebound. Preliminary counts from the 2010 photo census put population counts over the previous count of 123,000 from 10 years ago. However the final numbers are still being compiled and won't be known for a few months. CBC.ca has the full story.

With other caribou herds in decline across the North, wildlife managers in both Alaska and Yukon had feared the worst for the cross-border Porcupine herd. In 2009, the Yukon government imposed controversial hunting restrictions along the Dempster Highway, in an effort to protect herd numbers. The Yukon government says news of the higher caribou numbers means officials can review the hunting restrictions along the Dempster Highway.


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Very cool!  It would be good

Very cool!  It would be good to see this happen across the arctic, and have all the herds rebound.

I still want to do a caribou hunt before I die.... lol

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That is fantastic news! 

A caribou hunt is something on my short list of things to do but the news of declining herds across Canada in recent years had me worrying that the high success rates of recent decades might be a thing of the past.  An INCREASING herd count is very welcome news indeed. 

Thanks for sharing it!