Poll Response Supports Montana's Defiance on Wolves

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We have now posted two blogs about Montana Governor Schweitzer's bold stance on wolves. KAJ18.com has conducted a poll to find out if the citizens in Montana support the Governor's stance on wolves. The overwhelming answer is yes!

Some 71.76% say they think Montana is "well within its rights in defying the federal government on wolf management" while 21.85% say the state and federal governments "need to quit arguing and work together for a long-term plan."

Just over 6% believe Schweitzer's action will "lead to more expensive lawsuits and erases progress made with wolf recovery."


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Ditto that numbnutz! 

Ditto that numbnutz!  Definatley no surprise.

The only surprise is that it actually wasn't higher.  Montana, all about hunting and farming/ranching. 2 things that don't do well with wolves.

Hopefully the momentum from these states carries on and they will eventually yank the wolves off the endangered species list

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Thanks for the update!

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these are the type of results

these are the type of results i'd expect to see. 71% are tired of seeing other animals speicies dwindle down as wolf populations rise. 21% of people who probaly dont really care, and the 6% of wolf whackos who are clueless to how a productive ecosystem should work. The problem is the 6% is the vocal minority and there the ones making all the noise.