Polar Bear Attacks British Campers Off Norway

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Early Friday morning a group of about 13 campers were attacked by a polar bear. The polar bear killed one teen and injured more in the group before one of the members fatally shot the bear. The group was part of the British School Exploring Company. They had traveled to the Norwegian arctic and were aware of polar bears in the area. As a precaution most of the members had practiced with a high powered rifle and they had trip lines around their tents that would set off flares when triggered.

Svalbard archipelago is where the attack took place. Svalbard has a population of 2400 people and a polar bear population of 3000. In the area of the attack, Spitsbergen Island, there is not much food for the polar bears, and if hungry the polar bears will attack about anything. People in Svalbard are cautioned about polar bears as they can be extremely dangerous, and should always be armed and avoid confrontation with the bears. Those leaving the capital Longyearbyen are urged to carry high powered rifles. From YahooNews.com.


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polar bears gone wild? what's up?

Like deerhunter30 said, this seems to be happening more and more often lately, or maybe I am just more aware of animal attacks lately. But it seems like something like this is in the news almost every day.   polar bears gone wild? what's up?


I read recently of a small Norwegian ship being boarded by a polar bear who had been trailing it on the ice pack for six days.  In this case the very smart crew had someone on twenty four hour watch so that when the bear came on board in the middle of the night, the crewman on night watch woke everyone else up.    

At that point the whole crew locked themselves in the wheelhouse (after securing the hatches to the space below decks).  The polar bear nosed about the deck for awhile looking for something to eat, but failing to find anything it then went back to the ice.  So a potentially deadly encounter was resolved without harm to humans or to the big carnivore (omnivore?) but wow! Can you imagine going through that?  It would be pretty hairy!  

 A young woman I know is teaching on St. Mathew’s island in the Bering Sea.  She found out a few days ago that a year ago a polar bear was killed on the front steps of the very house she is living in.  Yikes!  That is a bit frightening for me, I can only imagine how it affects the nerves of a non-huntingh, twenty year old young lady from tame upstate New York! lol

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Actually you missed it but

Actually you missed it but someone was killed in this attack. There have been a lot of animal attacks this year but this is the only one by a polar bear that I'm aware of. There may have been more that didn't make the news or were not as serious though. What's really amazing is the fact that there are more bears than people living in the area that this happened. It shows how far out and remote this place is. And how often have you heard od advising the localm population to not go out and about without a weapon? That would be different down here for sure.


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Man there has been a lot of

Man there has been a lot of animals attacking people. It is a good thing that no one lost there life. I guess people should really watch out when there are more bears than humans.

Sounds like the bears are running the show over there.