Poachers Poisoning Water Holes in Zimbabwe

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The watering holes in five game reserves in Zimbabwe have recently been poisoned by poachers, resulting in the death of 9 elephants, 5 lions, 2 buffaloes and some vultures as well. Poachers are being blamed as the culprits of the poisonings since the tusks have been cut off the elephant's carcasses. Park authorities are investigating the poisoning in the affected reserves. From AFP.

In July, 10 suspects were arrested for poaching and unlawful possession of rhino horns and elephant tusks. The group allegedly wanted to sell them to a Chinese buyer.

Ten rhinos have been killed by poachers so far this year. The crime is driven by booming demand for rhino horn in Asia where it is believed to have medicinal properties despite ample scientific evidence to the contrary.


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This is just disgusting. It's

This is just disgusting. It's bad enough all the poaching that goes on especially on animals such as this but going and using poison and possibly killing them all just to get a few that are worth the most is even worse. Hopefully they will figure out a way to out a stop to the ivory trade but with the values being what they are it's not likely any tine soon.

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It is just to bad that people

It is just to bad that people would actually go this far for money. It must be quit a bit of money to actually try to poison the whole herd to take them all.

Hopefully these people get caught and delt with accordingly.

Some people I guess have no respect for the outdoors.

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Very sad to see them

Very sad to see them continuing to do this. Unfortunately, the money the poachers will receive far outweighs any concern that they may have for the envoronment.

Some places have shown that an established hunting reserve can actually bring in more money than black market sale off horns and tusks.  Plus, you would be managing and helping the herd, so it benefits everyone.


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If we could get rid of the

If we could get rid of the demand in Asia and elsewhere then this senseless waste of animals would drop tremendously - but not totally. Unfortunately this won't happen until the people buying the tusks and horns are educated or in prison - or grow old and die. It is again greed for a fast large sum of money that continues to drive this behavior as well. I also read where the people that guard these parks are under-armed and under-paid so they risk their lives daily in the pursuit of saving the wildlife. That is courage.



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Just sick that folks will

Just sick that folks will destroy a whole ecosystem for a few bucks. Talk about not caring for anything but themselves. This is not a case of a starving family, this is based all on greed and some superstition. Glad they caught the poachers and hope the penalty is stiff.

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I guess that ismone way to

I guess that ismone way to poach and not be right there to do the deed.  The only risk thye have is the recovery.  I just cannot figure out why people poach, iys not hard nor expensive to hunt atleast in your home state.  Do it legal and you can brag  to all your buddies, poach it and you have to keep it a pretty good secert.  I would feel so gulity that I do not think I would be able to go without turning myself in.