Poacher X Taunts Idaho Fish and Game

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Last week we ran a brief press release from the Idaho Fish and Game about an anonymous "Poacher X" that sent in a letter to the F&G about his/her poaching experiences.

KVAL.com is running a brief article about the poaching case with a couple of the photos that were apparently sent to the Idaho F&G.

So how unusual is it that a guy is so in the face of Fish and Game enforcement? "In my 15 years of wildlife enforcement, I've never seen it," said Chris Wright with the Fish and Game Department. They suspect he's angry at the out-of-state fees.


Just when you seen it all

This guy must have alot of time on his hands.  Like everyone else said, its going to be interesting to see how the story unfolds.  Whats next?  Im no fan of poaching at all but I am real interested to learn whats going on behind the scenes on both ends. 

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I am kind of speechless. That

I am kind of speechless. That guy is crazy... seriously insane! He must be pretty darn confident that he is not going to get caught. You would have to be crazy to do something like that. Maybe Ca_vermonster is right and they are legally harvested animals and the guy is just trying to make a point about the cost of hunting opportunities these days. If that was the case than he would be getting a lot of publicity but if they found him the charges would be a lot less than if he had actually poached the animals. I say that the charges would be less because I am assuming that they could probably still charge him with some sort of obstruction or false reporting or something like that. I really hope they nail this guy. I have never heard of something like this. I am not sure how good their Department of Fish and Game is but if he keeps this up, than I have to imagine that he will get nabbed.

And I am with you CVC... This is some bad publicity for hunting in general. That is not the kind of stuff we need the general public seeing. That is what pisses me off the most.

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I am with you on this.  I

I am with you on this.  I have never seen something like this related to hunting.  You usually see this with serial killers which makes we wonder about the sanity of this guy.  Is he just doing this for kicks or is he really sick and might escalate what he is doing?  Many serial killers start by abusing and killing animals so I think this is a valid concern.  I hope they catch him soon.

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The funny part is yet to

The funny part is yet to come! 

They WILL find him if he keeps it up.  Unless this guy is the only person alive that can keep this to himself, someone that he trusts will leak his name.  All it takes is for someone he trusts to tell the story at the office one morning and the right person to hear the story.  I don't know of a single hunter that doesn't share his/her experiences with someone else.

Should be good when it finally gets revealed!

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I do not at all condone

I do not at all condone poaching, and I would like to see him prosecuted to the extent of the law, but does anyone else find it funny?  I am almost wondering if these were actually legally harvested and reported animals, that this guy is doing this just for fun.  With todays technology, you would think they could track this guy down.  And you would think the guy would know that.

It will be interesting to follow through on this story and see what the outcome is.

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nah, don't see the humor in

nah, don't see the humor in it because it puts hunting in the headlines but with a negative slant.  Yes, you and i know this is not the work of hunter, but a criminal, however, not everyone can make that distinction. 

Yes, you'd think they'd be able to catch him quickly with the clues he's provided.  I hope they do and I hope we can follow the story to the end.

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Not too much more can be said

Not too much more can be said about this than already has.  I liked one of the comments posted on the news article page.  They suggested hanging the poacher from the tree like he did with the deer he poached.

Not that I would suggest the suspect being harmed, I do think the fish and game people should take some "hero" pictures with him and post them.  Maybe start a new record book category for poachers.  Make it more of an incentive to catch these creeps.  Of course, this is just tongue in cheek and I applaud the work of the LEOs and their effort to catch this guy.

What a psycho.